The 7 Sexiest Music Video Vixens of All Time

September 29, 2008

What is it about eye candy in music videos? It seems that a hot chick bearing skin can pretty much save any music video trainwreck. I find myself watching videos by bands I absolutely hate, but I can’t seem to pull myself away if there’s a hot half-naked chick up in the mix. Whoever decided to feature attractive women as a music video staple was an absolute genius.


7. Bobbie Brown – “Cherry Pie” by Warrant


It’s funny to think that when this video came out in late 1990 it was considered sexually outrageous. The images of a wet and wild Bobbie Brown licking sticky cherry pie off her fingers led to a wave of negative media attention as well as criticism from feminists who claimed it sexist. Whatever.

The "actress"/model, and beauty queen has appeared in a number of classic hair band videos including Great White's "Once Bitten Twice Shy." Although her tasteful performance in Warrant’s breakthrough hit “Cherry Pie” pretty much took the cake.

Mmmm, pie…



6. Scarlett Johansson – “What Goes Around...” by Justin Timberlake


I’m not really a big fan of JT (a.k.a. the white Michael Jackson), but I really wish I could have been in his shoes during the filming of this video. How in hell did one of the singers from 'N Sync get to make out Scarlett Johansson? Unreal.

In the 2007 Samuel Bayer-directed video, Johansson and Timberlake get their caress on in the bedroom and splash around in a Hollywood swimming pool. It does get pretty hot, but I do find it unfair to have to watch her choose Timberlake instead of me. Maybe that’s why she dies in the end.



5. Alicia Silverstone & Liv Tyler – “Crazy” by Aerosmith


I know these two chicks may not be bringin’ the sexual heat like they used to, but when this video came out in ‘94, I was freakin’ hooked. This video was on MTV constantly and was one of the most requested videos of 1994. It features the third appearance of Alicia Silverstone in an Aerosmith video, as well as the career debut of Steven's sexy daughter Liv Tyler.
I honestly prayed everyday that two hot catholic school girls would come into my crappy restaurant job and give me pictures of their bare boobs in exchange for free soup & salad.

The only weird part of the video is when Liv strips to her daddy’s music. Kinda nasty if you ask me.



4. Angel 'Lola Luv' Fershgenet – “Wonder Woman” by Trey Songz


How can an ass defy gravity and logic all at the same time?

Trinidadian and Ethiopian hip-hop model Angel Fershgenet has been in a slew of hip hop videos in her short career, but her most notable to date has to be the Trey Songz banger “Wonder Woman.”

When I took a peek at “Wonder Woman” it was the first time in a long time I really had to find out who the token "sexy chick" was in a video. This lady is one of the baddest bitches on the planet. Her body dimensions are freak-like. 34C-22-40. My fingers are sweating just typing about her.

See what I’m talking about…



3. Tawny Kitaen – “Here I Go Again” by Whitesnake


Even though this broad is totally haggard and addicted to cocaine now, she was totally hot as hell back in the day.

In 1987, depicting her budding love with David Coverdale, Tawny appeared in several Whitesnake music videos including the mega hair hit "Here I Go Again," In the classic piece, Kitaen throws on a sexy white negligee and does acrobatic moves on the hood of Mr. Coverdale’s Jaguar. She also appeared in the videos for "Is This Love" and "Still of the Night." We really need more half-naked chicks dancing on exotic cars in music videos.



2. Rachel Hunter – "Stacy's Mom" by Fountains of Wayne


Even though Rachel has boned everyone from Rod Stewart to Bruce Willis, it’s nice to see a hot 39-year-old woman that can actually give these young felines today a run for their money.

After gracing the covers of Sport Illustrated and Cosmopolitan in the late '80s and early '90s, Hunter made a huge comeback by appearing in the video for the 2003 Fountains of Wayne hit "Stacy's Mom." Rachel delivers the perfect sexual fantasy by splashing around in the swimming pool, getting a half-naked massage and riding a stripper pole in her suburban kitchen. Pretty freaking sweet if you ask me.



1. Helena Christensen – "Wicked Game" by Chris Isaak


"Wicked Game" is easily the sexiest music video of all time and it’s all because Helena Christensen made it so. Oh, the song ain’t half bad either.

The Danish goddess stepped into the limelight in 1986 by claiming the title of Miss Denmark at age 18 and went on to model for Victoria’s Secret

Any young teenager watching MTV back in 1989 had to have had a crush on Helena. Good looks aside, Christensen's sexually suggestive performance in the Chris Isaak classic video is just plain hypnotizing. This woman was drop dead gorgeous and oozed sexuality in every move she made.

This music video is almost as good as porn…almost.