Mantenna – Gavin DeGraw Assaulted by Thugs

August 9, 2011
Gavin DeGraw gets beaten up, Dirty Dancing gets a reboot, and Amazon is selling baseball bats like hotcakes...the Mantenna, apply directly to the forehead.

Singer Gavin DeGraw Assaulted

Photo: George Doyle/Stockbyte/Getty Images

The deadly riots in England might have everyone from police to innocent pedestrians worried about the safety and security of their neighborhood, but it's doing wonders to Amazon's overseas sales department, particularly in the sporting goods section. The Telegraph reports that sales of baseball bats and police batons are among the most purchased items in the wake of the riots that are spreading across South London, earning seven of the top 10 most purchased items for the online shopping giant. The recent sales of the sometimes deadly weapon alone have catapulted bats to the site's 125th highest selling item of all time from its original spot at 6,562.

Apple is the World's Most Profitable Company for Almost an Entire Day

It's hard to believe that a company like Apple that was once on the cusp of turning into financial dust has not only bounced back, but has also become one of the profitable and successful businesses in the world. It's twice as impressive when you realize that they briefly beat an oil conglomerate in the market for longer than a nanosecond. Steve Jobs' behemoth empire saw a small jump in their stock price on the NASDAQ market on Tuesday that inched up above Exxon's stock price by just over $27 for part of the trading day. Apple, however, didn't finish the day ahead of Exxon since the oil giant was able to inch its price over Apple's by the close of trading.