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Alex Silva: Complete Hamster

by Robbie E   May 16, 2012 at 7:00AM  |  Views: 4,079

What up, hamsters? This week I'm kicking this blog off with great news. If you think you can handle the excellence I'm about to drop in your lap, take a deep breath and keep on reading:

Me and Bigger Rob just bought 18 new matching sweater vests, bro… so pumped!!

Well anyway, I told you this week I was going to talk about Alex Silva getting told he earned a contract with IMPACT WRESTLING a few weeks ago. Because you are one of my millions of adoring fans, you must remember that I was the guy he was in there with, so here are my thoughts.

I think it is complete crap…

Did you see the beating I gave him? I beat him easily and in a super short amount of time, man. What was Ric Flair thinking giving him a yes? What was Al Snow thinking? Clearly he needs to go back to OVW and work on his ring ability as he didn't even give me a run for my money, boss. I didn't even break a sweat putting that loser away.

That hamster probably doesn't even have his green card and Bruce Prichard even gave the ok on giving him a contract? His talking was complete BS, and if I ever get the chance to fight him again, I'll have Bigger Rob break him in half just for fun.

Luckily I've held back a little today and didn't really rip on the hamster. That's only because I'm in a good mood 'cause of our new sweaters score. But, man that guy sucks. Makes me wonder what other tool box is gonna get an opportunity to be part of our roster that doesn't deserve it!

Until next week....Ohhhh!!!!!!!!!!! YOU AINT ON THE LIST BRO!!!!!!!!!!

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