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Robbie E takes on the Main Event at 'Lockdown'

by Robbie E   March 28, 2012 at 6:30PM  |  Views: 7,017

What up, my dudes? This week, I wanted to talk about the upcoming World Title match at "Lockdown" between the Champion Bobby Roode and the challenger the "Cowboy" James Storm. I chose to discuss this because I have gotten a lot of tweets with fans asking who I think is going to leave Nashville with the championship.

Well, my answer is plain and simple, the champ is going to keep his title.

It is no secret, bro, that during the Beer Money tag team run that Bobby was always the leader of the team, my dude. He, like me, is jacked, an awesome wrestler, and blows Storm out of the water. Plus, remember, Roode is going into this match with mucho momentum, dude, as he has just beat Sting, AJ Styles, Jeff Hardy and numerous others proving that he is not only a fighting champion, but one that is hard to beat.

Bobby wants it and deserves it way more than Storm. I mean with the shape The Cowboy is in, I don't see him being able to even go toe to toe with Roode. If you feel differently, well then you're an absolute hamster, because after you look at the statistics, it is really a no brainer.

I have been in the ring with both of these guys and Roode is def more of a heavy hitter. He is the real deal and rightfully so. Probably one of the only guys in IMPACT WRESTLING I will admit is on my level of greatness. You read it here first, bros and broettes. After "Lockdown", Roode will still flashing that fresh bling around his waist, and Storm is gonna be back of the line, just like some geek who's not ON THE LIST, BRO.

Remember you can always tweet me at @RobbieEIMPACT with any question you have for the greatest Television Champion of all-time, ya heard?

Until next week...Peace!

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Image Courtesy: TNA Entertainment


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