All Access Weekly: Angry Birds Mania

March 30, 2012

Hey guys! Katie Linendoll here for All Access Weekly. If you want to know what people are obsessing over these days, take a look at the Top 10 Yahoo Search Queries of 2011.

The list reveals such supreme generators of curiosity as Charlie Sheen, who holds down the #1 spot, while "Tiger Mom" places respectably at #10. But one contender in particular has been skyrocketing in popularity lately. Yep, you guessed it, people. Coming in at #6, right after "Extreme Couponing" and before "The Rapture", is "Angry Birds".

For those of you who think it's played out, think again. The game's exploded to become a universal addiction. And everywhere you look, someone's playing it. Including plenty of celebrities. Angelina Jolie has been reported to make Angry Birds-style screeching noises on-set, while Salmon Rushdie once described himself as "something of a master."

A few months ago, the game's developer Rovio announced 700 million downloads, a whopping 6.5 million of which took place on Christmas day. The franchise is also involved in over 200 licenses. There's an Angry Birds cookbook, a movie that's set to hit theaters in 2014, and Finland will even get its very own Angry Birds theme park in April.

Rovio succeeded boosting the game's popularity even further with their latest release, Angry Birds: Space. Since it came out last Thursday, web searches for Angry Birds: Space have increased by 885%. It seems to appeal primarily to men, who account for 70% of these searches. Los Angeles has the most players of the game than any other state, and Seattle recently turned their iconic Space Needle landmark into a giant Angry Birds slingshot.

So, why is it so insanely popular? It could be the difficulty level, which is cleverly set at just-challenging-enough-to-be-addictive, as opposed to so-frusterating-that-you-will-throw-your-phone-at-the-wall.

Then again, maybe it's just really freaking fun.

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