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Mantenna - Wednesday, February 24

by spike.com   February 24, 2010 at 9:00PM  |  Views: 149

Courtney Love plans sexual revenge for John Mayer, Tobey Maguire takes on a new role, and J.Lo heads for the exit...the Mantenna is proud to serve.

Source: Dave Hogan/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Courtney Love Wants to Hate Bang John Mayer

Courntey Love did not take kindly to John Mayer’s recent Playboy interview, where he called Jessica Simpson “sexual napalm” and revealed he had a “white supremacist dick.” Now the troubled rocker wants to get even with Mayer by “hate f**king” him. Love took to Twitter and wrote, “do you ever feel like spite hate f**king @johncmayer just to put hi in his place, he’s a better guitarist than me but not better in bed !" She then explained that “hate f**king is an art like 'the pit' meaning you rape each other and then beat the s**t our of each other so u can feel s**t.” Sounds terrifying. John Mayer, you are warned. [Huffington Post]

Mary-Kate Olsen is Single

One of the Olsen twins is back on the market after splitting with her boyfriend. Mary-Kate reportedly called it quits with Nate Lowman just before Valentine’s Day. The break up has been confirmed by Mary-Kate’s representative, who released a statement saying, "Mary-Kate really loves Nate, and she wants to settle down and get married. But Nate's made it clear he's not ready for that step." Mary-Kate is apparently dealing well with the break up and was reportedly scene getting intimate with actor Josh Hartnett. I guess some girls just have a lot of love to give. [PopEater]

Flexible Femininas!

Leave it to the collegiate, somewhat pervy folks over at CollegeHumor to come up with a fantastic gallery of oh-so-flexible and (in most cases) very attractive women doing what they do best. The pictures leave some things to the imagination but we're guessing you're not going to have to think too hard to see where we're going with this. [CollegeHumor]

Tobey Maguire Becomes Bobby Fischer

Spider-Ma – or, rather, Tobey Maguire is taking no time in jumping back into the mix of dramatic parts now that his days of playing Peter Parker are over. He’s considering playing famous chess champion Bobby Fischer in a film called Pawn Sacrifice. The movie will follow Fischer as he takes on the Russian chess guru Boris Spassky in 1972. The movie will be a lot like Seabiscuit, minus the horses and the race track and the sports. Maguire is a great fit for Fischer and it’s nice to see he hasn’t given up embracing his nerdier side. [FirstShowing.net]

Mickey Rourke is Conan’s Poppa

Mickey Rourke has more job offers these days than he can throw a bottle at. He’s got Passion Play with Bill Murray and The Expendables with Sylvester Stallone, and Iron Man with, well, everyone, and now he’s lined up to play Corin, the father of Conan the Barbarian. The Wrestler has become for Rourke the gift that keeps on giving, and he’s smart enough to sign up for as many gigs as he can handle. You never know when the buzz is going to disappear, though Rourke is likely to be buzzed when it does. [Heat Vision]

Jennifer Lopez Leaves Record Label to Pursue Other Dreams that Nobody Cares About


Source: Daniele Venturelli/WireImage/Getty Images

An aging back-up dancer who vaguely resembles the girl that Puff Daddy used to sleep with has announced that she will be taking her patented brand of "talentless garbage" and leaving Sony Music after a ten-year relationship with the label. Lopez, despite virtually no interest, plans to release an album called Love in the near future and wanted to ensure that the proper people are behind it. Because apparently Sony was making too many "Really, are you sure you can't do any better?" comments in the studio. [Daily Mail]

Manny Ramirez May Take His Crazy Train to Japan

During one of Manny Ramirez's 432 press conferences during the Los Angeles Dodgers' spring training, the somewhat sane left fielder told reporters that he would consider spending a little time playing baseball overseas towards the end of his career. The aging superstar has a reputation of being somewhat erratic at times, so even though it appeared he was joking about the situation the fact that Japanese baseball is on his radar suggests he's given it at least a little thought. [Daily News]

Latest iPad/iPhone Software Mentions Front-Facing Camera, Camera Flash, and Video Conferencing
The latest iPad/iPhone software developer kit reportedly not only makes it easier for developers to build universal iPad/iPhone apps, but it also appears to have support for a front-facing camera, zoom, camera flash, and video conferencing. Since the SDK is identical for both devices, it's not possible to really know which sections of the framework are intended for which device. Not to mention that Apple sometimes leaves some stray test conditions in the code and those may never make it into a final OS. A tasty rumor, nonetheless. [Mac Rumors]

Left Behind And Guitar Praise Creators Form Christian Gaming Supergroup
The company behind controversial end-of-days simulator Left Behind and the developer of Christian rock Guitar Hero knock-off Guitar Praise have merged, forming one giant powerhouse of Christian game development. The merger between the two companies is big news for the Christian games industry. Think EA merging with Activision, only much smaller and with a deep-rooted fear of lions. [CNN]

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