Mantenna - Wednesday, July 8

July 8, 2009

Kate Winslet says no to nudity forever, Michael Jackson continues to dominate the Billboard charts, and Harold Ramis talks Ghostbusters 3. Connect to the electromagnetic waves of the Mantenna!

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Lady Gaga Wears Most Bizarre Outfit Yet

Lady Gaga attended a press conference for an MTV special in Malta wearing a strange, sadomasochistic-style outfit. The pop star arrived with her face completely covered with a black scarf, leaving only the tip of her nose and platinum blonde hair exposed. She also wore a studded body suit and black gloves of different lengths. The singer is in Malta to perform with the Black Eyed Peas and Metro Station. Freak-y. [Just Jared]

Kate Winslet Says No to Nudity

Kate Winslet is taking some time off from appearing nude on screen. The Academy Award winning actress, who took her clothes off in her awarding-winning performance in The Reader, will turn 34 in October and thinks she’s getting too old for nude scenes. She tells The Sun, “"There was so much of it in The Reader because the story required it, but people have seen enough of my bum and my boobs. I have to put them back." Kate has appeared nude in 10 films. [The Sun]

Harold Ramis Talks Ghostbusters 3

What’s better than having a new Ghostbusters movie to watch today, right now? Answer: An interview with Harold Ramis talking about Ghostbusters 3 for seven minutes. Ok, so maybe that’s not exactly better, but it’s a distant second. At this point Ramis (who played Egon Spengler in the two films) is the only original cast member/writer who seems willing to talk about the much-anticipated sequel, but it’s extremely rare (even for him) to give an interview this in-depth. He strikes a philosophical tone in the interview, noting how computer-generated effects don’t have the same charm and reality to them as the optical effects of Ghostbusters. If you’re a fan of Ghostbusters this interview is mana from above. You’re welcome. [Making Of]

Gene Simmons says Wearing High Heels Keeps Him Fit


Source: Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images

Kiss bassist Gene Simmons recently revealed that he never gains any weight because performing in his heavy iconic costume and high heels helps him burn off a ton of calories. Gene stated: “When you train your body to walk on these platform heels for hours and carry 30 pounds of guitar and leather outfits, it’s a terrific workout. You can eat cheesecake every day and not gain a pound.” As if I need another reason to buy more leather… [3 News]

Michael Jackson Dominates Billboard Charts, 800K Albums Sold

On the same day of his memorial, Michael Jackson continued his dominance over the music industry as well as the Billboard charts. Based on preliminary sales numbers from Nielsen SoundScan, Jackson's catalog of solo albums sold a whopping 800,000 copies in the U.S. in the tracking week that ended Sunday. That's an increase of 90 percent compared to the previous week, when his combined albums sold 422,000. A jump in sales was expected, since this was the first full week of sales since Jackson's passing on June 25. Most physical retailers swiftly sold out of available Jackson albums, but Sony Music Entertainment and Universal Music Group were able to replenish stores with CDs last week to meet the insane customer demand. Long live the King. [MTV]

Google OS Coming Soon? You Better Believe it

Ars Technica has received confirmation from two sources that Google is working on new software named Google Chrome OS, which will offer a cloud-based, OS experience around the browser and it's coming in the second half of 2010. Google says the OS is open source and lightweight, allowing users super quick access to the web. They claim the OS will be "virus free" and run a newly-designed windowing system. Sign us up. [Arstechnica]

London Testing GPS-Controlled Throttle Limiting

UK drivers just can't catch a break. Big Brother is watching a fleet of London-owned Prii outfitted with a special black box that combines GPS location and a speed limit map to control the top speed the cars can reach. A dozen Prius hybrids outfitted with the system have been cruising London for about a month now, with buses and taxis to be added later in the year. The aim of the experiment is improving the public welfare, with a target of reducing the number of accidents and the fatality rate. In other words, "it's for your own good, peasant!" [Autoweek]

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