Mantenna - Wednesday, December 2

December 2, 2009

Family Ties mom says she's a lesbian, a husband and wife Tweet at the altar, and Lady Gaga and Jamie Foxx songs have been labeled unhealthy...the Mantenna is often imitated but never duplicated!

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Mrs. Keaton is a Lesbian

Meredith Baxter, who played America’s favorite mom on the 1980s television show Family Ties, has come out of the closet and declared herself a lesbian. The 62-year-old mother of five has been married three times, but only recently came to terms with her sexuality. She appeared on The Today Show this morning and said, “I am a lesbian and it was a later-in-life recognition. People would say, well, you're living a lie and, you know, the truth is -- not at all. This has only been for the past seven years." Baxter is currently in a four-year relationship with a female contractor she met through friends. [MSNBC]

Couple Makes Porn to Pay for Wedding

A British couple has taken unusual steps to pay for their dream wedding-- earning money on their side as porn stars. The yet-to-be-married couple, who have four children, have starred in three x-rated movies and have earned close to $2,200. Lisa Brand and Tommy Barnes say the money will go towards paying for their wedding ceremony on a beach in Cancun, Mexico. The couple has played a lingerie model and photographer who get it on, recreated a scene from the Madonna film Body of Evidence, and even participated in a threesome. Tommy, age 36, says, “It's our five minutes of fame - something to look back on when we're older. It has brought us closer together.” The couple will star in four more adult films before retiring and settling into married life (and giving up sex all together). [The Sun]

Peter Berg Talks Battleship

Peter Berg recently flew a bunch of movie bloggers to San Diego to show them around an actual battleship in order to discuss his movie adaptation of the board game Battleship. The things he said about the movie on the flight back should give all of us pause: there are going to be aliens in this movie, lots and lots of aliens, and they are going to fly really crazy ships and pilot really crazy boats. Of some of these alien craft Berg says, “They are actually able to fly, insert themselves through the earth's atmosphere, and make contact through the water. Once they get on the surface they don't fly. They stay put. They've enabled moving in a fairly unique manner, along the different ways of the sea. They don't have the standard propulsion but they have weapons systems and some of them are very violent.” This is either really awesome or really irrelevant to the board game Battleship. [Latino Review]

Summit Has an Alibi

Summit Entertainment, the godsends who’ve brought us both Twilight films, are going to adapt the comic book Alibi. The story is about a man who wines and dines at all the right places in town while his secret twin brother, a government assassin, does his dirty business. Thus the title Alibi. John Hlavin, a writer from The Shield who’s also writing the fourth Underworld movie, is writing the film. The idea definitely has a lot of potential and almost seems like something we might’ve seen Arnold Schwarzenegger or Bruce Willis do in their younger days. [Variety]

Lady Gaga and Jamie Foxx Songs Are Unhealthy


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An initiative to encourage healthy relationships among teens has come out and said that songs by Jamie Foxx and Lady Gaga are the musical equivalent of greasy cheeseburgers. A teen panel working with the Boston Public Health Commission has determined that their songs are among the top 10 with "unhealthy relationship ingredients." The Sound Relationships Nutrition Label was developed by 14 teens after they attended a seven-week commission-sponsored institute on healthy relationship promotion and teen dating violence prevention. Mario's "Break Up" featuring Gucci Man and Sean Garrett and Jamie Foxx's "Blame It" featuring T-Pain topped the list for the most unhealthy relationship songs of 2009. Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance" and Pitbull's "Hotel Room Service" also made the list. [Google]

Tiger's Wife Politely Asks Random Woman to Stop Sleeping With Her Husband

Just days before national media outlets began documenting her affair with Tiger Woods, a random slutty cocktail waitress (or as her friends call her, Jaimee Grubbs) received an anonymous phone call from a woman who seemed a tad displeased with her. Grubbs claimed she identified herself by claiming "You know who this is because you're f***ing my husband," - which in all fairness probably could have been a lot of people. Grubbs, however, seems to think it was most definitely Tiger's wife. [TMZ]

Husband and Wife Tweet at the Altar

You know it's a brave new world when bride and groom update their Facebook status tweet about it. At the freaking altar. As they were being pronounced husband and wife. And with "brave" I really mean ridicously and tacky. But that's what Dana Hanna "theSoftwareJedi" did, without his bride knowing anything about it. The worse thing: The wife asked for her cell phone to update hers. Maybe she tweeted "Sigh. This is not going to last long." [Techcrunch]

Large Hadron Collider Takes a Dive. Again.

In an increasingly unsurprising turn of events, the Large Hadron Collider suffered a major power failure this morning, knocking the machine and its website out of service. The failure occurred in an 18,000-volt power line in Meyrin, Geneva where the LHC is housed beneath the ground, causing pretty much everything to shut down. So the universe is safe once again, at least for the near future. Who would have thought that building the most complex piece of machinery in mankind's history would be fraught with so many problems? [The Register]

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