Meet the Wiener Girls

July 3, 2008


Bunny and Minky are two best friends from Chicago who like hot dogs and hang out at the famed Wiener Circle Hot Dog Stand. The duo is commonly known as the World Famous Wiener Girls. These ladies are self described as America’s only fast food superheroes and as the beef industry’s only smoking hot spokesmodels. To top it off, these ladies believe that “a healthy mind and body includes at least seven servings of big plump wieners a day.”

You can’t argue with that.

The President needs to make these girls the Patron Saints of Independence Day, for they beautifully sum up everything that’s great about 4th of July… namely BBQs and eating hot dogs.

After first finding fame with their critically acclaimed art show “A Taste Sensation: 12 Well-Hung Photographs by the Wiener Girls” they did an interview with Bikini Magazine who wrote that their performance was “Oscar (Meyer) worthy”.

The girls are diversifying and recently launched their own exercise regime known as the Wiener Workout. They’ve taken aerobics to the next level with their “low-impact high entertainment workout”. According to their website “This workout allows you to get a challenging workout and eat wieners at the same time.” Sounds like a fun way to lose weight, shape up your buns and still be able to enjoy a delicious hot dog this 4th of July.

Check out more pictures of the duo in action, as well as their recent Wiener Workout performance in New York.