Do You Like These Girls’ Bits?

June 20, 2011

Welcome to the Club Orange squeezing room, a place where large breasted, scantily-clad women squeeze oranges all day long.

Club Orange is an Irish soda famous for its "refreshing taste and 'bits.'" Those "bits" are presumably pulp, but this commercial has a lot of fun playing with the word... and showing lots of boobs.

The commercial goes "behind-the-scenes" of the company's squeezing facility and reveals a nirvana of sexy girls squeezing oranges and getting their "bits" on. Club Orange says they employ "the sexiest and most skilful orange squeezers" on the planet. The soda company also "reveals how each 'bit' is lovingly hand squeezed from some of the world's juiciest oranges by some of the universe's most dedicated fruit workers." They are definitely dedicated.

Source: Club Orange