Meet the New Lara Croft

August 12, 2008


A voluptuous British gymnast is the new face of Lara Croft. Alison Carroll beat out hundreds of hopefuls for the coveted role of the sexy archeologist for the new Tomb Raider: Underworld, which is due out in November. Up until a week ago, the 23-year-old was working as a receptionist at a tennis club. Now she is taking archeology lessons, posing in a skin tight costume with guns (more photos and video after the jump) and undergoing special ops training.The athletic brunette almost missed out on the role after she locked herself in her apartment right as she was meant to meet the video game producer. Instead, she channeled Lara and escaped from her own apartment:

I had the meeting arranged for the morning but got locked inside my flat and couldn’t get out. I am on the first floor and the only way out was over the balcony in true Lara style. All the neighbors came out and I’d only lived there two weeks and didn’t really know any of them. They were all laughing.  I chucked my bags over the balcony; over I went, then jumped onto the fence and got down. We got to the meeting on time to find out I’d got the role!

The kick-ass model trains six days a week, has performed for Prince Charles and is single and “looking to have some fun.” She thinks playing the hot heroine should result in a few more dates. I’m thinking she can expect more than just a few.