Business Class Becomes Ipod Friendly on Singapore Airlines

May 16, 2008



Singapore Airlines is offering its business class passengers on flights from New York and Los Angeles to Singapore Ipod and Iphone connectivity. The Los Angeles flights with connectivity begin in August. People will be able to view their movies and tv shows on a 15.4″ widescreen LCD monitor, which is accompanied by noice-cancelling headphones. Messages from the crew and pilots will not be obstructed by Ipod or Iphone use.

Now that air fares are skyrocketing and inconvenience is at an all time high when travelling by plane, it's extremely generous of Singapore Airlines to offer such a luxurious amenity to its business class passengers. Of course, for the rest of us schmucks who can't afford the small dowry a business class ticket costs, coach is going to be just as uncomfortable as ever. If you're going to shell out the bucks to sit in business class you should be offered a comfort commensurate with the monetary sacrifice you make. I'm talking about on-demand narcotics, access to an on-flight brothel, and maybe even free Bible-study workshops. The works.

For those of us consigned to the privations of coach, throw us a bone. Offer us water every three hours. Clean the shit off the toilet seat. Take the used tampons and dirty diapers out of the pouches on the backs of the seats--before we board.

So yeah, this is really big, really exciting. Maybe once airlines gentrify the rest of the lowly upper-middle classes out of business and first class--the scruffy doctors, lawyers and bankers--we'll see some real improvements in the better seats. They might even start throwing in more leg room, comfortable seats and parachutes for when the FAA-neglected hunks of junk go down. Now that'd be comforting.