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The BroBlog is On The List

by Robbie E   February 17, 2012 at 4:00AM  |  Views: 16,267

My dudes! Glad you came back for my second column of "Blowouts, Blings and Other Things". Everyone seemed to love last week's and please, bros and broettes, don't hesitate to tweet questions to me at my twitter @RobbieEIMPACT using the hashtag #BroBlog.

Now I know everyone sees my personal security, Big Robbie T, carry out "THE LIST" with him to the ring. Well, that list is not only who is VIP and allowed around me. I have a bunch of lists of many different things, bro. This week's list is something my dudes ask me all the time, which is what are my favorite things to do in my spare time? I do a lot of different things, bro, but these are the five that really make me Robbie E!!!

5. CLUB - I travel all the time, but it doesn't matter where I am in the world, bro, as I will find the closest club and close the place out, boss. If I am somewhere where there aren't clubs within driving distance... then I'll find the closest bar and turn it into a club!

4. PROTEIN - Bro. Robbie E never turns down a good protein shake. It's what makes my muscles grow, my dudes. I add scoops of protein to everything, bro... pancake mix, Jäger bombs, even medicine if I'm sick.

3. TAN - To keep my skin this dark I gotta regularly hit the tanning beds, buddy. I refuse to be as pale as someone like that hamster Eric Young. So when it's not beach weather here in Jersey I'm hitting the tanning salon by my house followed up by a spray tan in my basement in my personal tanning tent!

2. GYM - I go to the gym EVERY single day, 365 days a year. Have you seen the way I look? I'm jacked, bro, and for a good reason. 3 hours in the gym a day is just enough to keep me this toned, bro. Yea buddy!!!

1. MIRROR - I love myself. Therefore a lot of my time is spent looking at myself. Just admiring myself. Don't be a hater and say I'm conceited because if you looked like me you would do the same thing!

Until next week... Oh Oh Oh... You ain't on "THE LIST" bro...

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