Mantenna - Friday, October 31

October 31, 2008

Female zombies roll into New York City, another crazy woman tries to fulfill her life's dream to look like Barbie, and a cool new hack that allows you to play retro games and DVDs on your Wii...all that and more in today's Mantenna!

Zombies Take Manhattan

New York City was besieged by female zombies last weekend. The gruesome girls wandered the streets to promote a canned food drive for the homeless (because zombies are homeless too) and to celebrate World Zombie Day. The streets were filled with death, blood and oozing skin. The ladies were terrifying, but oddly cute. [Asylum]

Another Crazy Woman Gets Plastic Surgery

A British woman has spent $1.4 million to look like Barbie. Sarah Burge, 49, began a series of drastic cosmetic surgeries recently after being beaten and left for dead as a teen. With well over 100 surgeries under her belt, she’s spent $52,000 to have her whole face lasered, $43,000 on perfecting her bust (including having it reduced and the nipples moved), $48,000 keeping her jaw line firmed, nearly $24,000 on her tummy, and $22,000 on keeping her bottom pert. Even after all the surgery and all that money, she really doesn’t look anything like Barbie at all. [Mitchieville]

Has Led Zeppelin Found A New Lead Singer?


Apparently Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones are ready set sail on a tour with a new Led Zeppelin tour if Robert Plant refuses to join in. Billboard sources have said that the frontman first in line for the gig is Myles Kennedy, who has most recently led the rock outfit Alter Bridge. Kennedy has rehearsed with Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page, bassist John Paul Jones and drummer Jason Bonham on several occasions. [Billboard]

Spider-man 4 Wants to Win a Pulitzer

Well, not exactly, but the writer signed on to write Spider-man 4 has won a Pulitzer prize. Bear in mind, he’s also the literary genius behind Inkheart and contributed to Robots. That said, the man won a Pulitzer for his Broadway play Rabbit Hole. Let’s hope he’s got the talent to pull the Spider-man franchise out of the nosedive it went into ever since the third film proved to be such an abomination. No word yet in terms of who’s going to be the next villain. This moviegoer’s hoping for Carnage but not getting his hopes too high. [Cinematical]

Forbidden Remake

Warner Bros. and Joel Silver have Forbidden Planet lined up as their next sci-fi remake. Set to pen the script is J. Michael Straczynski, the man who wrote the just released Changeling and also one of the original writers of Babylon 5. The original movie is now 52 years old, so it will be interesting to see what the remake brings to the film, and whether or not it can be improved upon. The success of sci-fi remakes is largely contingent on how well the upcoming The Day The Earth Stood Still does, which, if the trailers are any sign, is looking very…Matrix-y. []

Hack your Wii to Play Retro Games and DVDs

Gizmodo has a great article up now about how to hack your Wii in about 30 minutes (if you’re slow) using only software updates.  All you need is a copy of Zelda, and an SD card to upload the downloadable hack.  The hack allows you to play retro games and to play U.S. region DVDs on your Wii – a huge workaround to one of the most-complained about shortcomings of the system. [Gizmodo]

3D Webcam Concept Makes Cyber Sex More Interesting


This dual lens webcam concept could, in theory, create stereoscopic 3D images (which isn’t the good kind, it’s the crap red/blue kind, but still).  The question then becomes whether your girlfriend living across the country would look hot in and/or through 3D glasses. []

Troubles Mount for Tesla Motors

CEO Elon Musk confirmed in an interview this week that the rumor perpetuated by a concerned Tesla employee is in fact true: Tesla is running out of money, with only 9 million bucks remaining in the bank.  Its contract with customers says they can use deposits as “working capital” – meaning liquid assets for use toward building products – but not as money that’s already gone and forgotten. This leaves Tesla in a situation where they could be in breach of contract, with nearly 1,200 customers who’ve laid down thousands of dollars for the Roadster perhaps not receiving anything at all. [Valleywag]

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