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Top 5 Halloween Gadgets

by Kevin Marshall   October 23, 2012 at 12:00AM  |  Views: 3,944
Top 5 Halloween Gadgets

Halloween is right around the corner, along with God knows what else. It can be an unsettling time of year, and really the only way you're going to make it out of this holiday alive is to fight fire with fire.

Problem is, we're geeks. We only get so scary. But that doesn't mean we aren't going to put our own spin on it.

Here's just five gadgets you can use to make the holiday your own. And be sure to tune in this Thursday at midnight/11c for an all-new All Access Weekly with host Katie Linendoll, who will share even more (and more impressive!) Halloween gadgets and macabre geek decor.

Escape from Grave Zombie

The only thing that'd be better is if we had an animatronic version of that bloated zombie from the second season of "The Walking Dead" that they had to pull out of the well. Remember that? That'd be rad. Unfortunately they don't make that (WHY NOT?!). But we do have this guy as a suitable substitute. He makes plenty of noise and scrapes forward with his arm to give the impression he's moving out of the ground. And if you're feeling creative, you can dress up that skull and hand to make him look a bit more fleshy.

Winged Gruesome Greeter

I've always been a sucker for things that take something beautiful or pure and twist it. That, to me, is a lot scarier than just a straight up monster or ghoul. That's sort of what we have here with The Winged Gruesome Greeter, which combines an angelic vision with a decaying corpse. Admittedly, it doesn't do much, but sometimes the best decorations are the simplest. Just his presence alone should give party-goers something of a scare. And if they're not scared, they'll at least be impressed and think that you somehow managed to get Edgar Winter to show up to your Halloween party.

"Hey Edgar," the guests will yell. "Play the solo from 'Free Ride'!" But he won't answer, and that silence will chill them to their bones.

Creepy Toilet Paper Holder Halloween Accessory

This one is more along the lines of putting the "trick" in "trick or treat." Stick this in place of a regular toilet paper dispenser and people will be greeted with obnoxious Halloween sound effects every time they take a bit of the roll. Sound obnoxious? You bet. In fact, this isn't scary so much as it is the perfect prank to play on someone you really, really don't like.

Madusa Animated Halloween Bust

No THIS is what I'm talking about. Maybe it's because I'm an unabashed fan of "Clash of the Titans." And I mean the 1981 version with the Ray Harryhausen special effects. Get that CGI out of here! Anyway, I saw this online and it immediately jumped out at me. It has eyes and mouth that light up and snakes that really move. You'll want to bring this thing with you to battle the Kraken.

Skullhub USB

From the always dependable ThinkGeek comes this really cool looking skull that also serves as a USB hub with four 2.0 slots. Yeah, sure, you probably already have a hub with some stuff plugged into it. But do you have one THAT IS ALSO A SKULL?! I mean c'mon!

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