Mantenna - Wednesday, July 21

July 21, 2010

Tiger Woods loses $22 million, Louis Oosthuizen finds a unique way to celebrate his British Open payday, and Facebook reaches a staggering milestone. The Mantenna's my name, don't wear it out!

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Tiger Woods is Slightly Less Rich Now

The world's number one product hocker reportedly lost exactly $22 million worth of endorsement deals ever since news broke that he may have had one or two affairs with less than reputable characters who - despite physical similarities - were not his wife. According to ESPN, this drops Woods' overall endorsements earnings by about 30 percent, which now makes him worth only 245 times wealthier than the average professional golfer. [ESPN]

Want to Smell like Jennifer Aniston?

Well obviously you do, but more importantly, now you can. According to Reuters, "Jennifer Aniston launched her first fragrance on Wednesday with a last-minute switch to her own name. Originally titled 'Lolavie,' which meant "laughing at life," the name of the perfume was abruptly changed." So why not pick up a big bottle of Aniston, spray it on a houseplant, and then watch nobody marry it for 17 years? [Yahoo! News]

British Open Champ Spends Winnings on Untraditional -  Yet Still Stupid - Expensive Things

Most athletes buy a sports car or mansion after receiving a big payday. British Open champ Louis Oosthuizen opted for a slightly more unique purchase. The South African self-described "farm boy" bought a customized tractor with a portion of his winnings and plans to use some of the remaining loot on other non-Tiger Woods approved things. "Being a farm boy it was one of my big dreams," he explained while Antoine Walker looked on in disgust. [VOA News]

Al Bundy is Going to be a Grandfather

Christina Applegate is reportedly expecting a child and could not be more excited about the nine long months it allegedly takes for this momentous event to play out. “Thank you all for your sweet words,” she tweeted. “Now you understand my avocado situation! Xoxo." Of course! Pregnancy… That totally explains all the Applegate avocado talk around the water cooler this morning. [Just Jared]

Facebook One Step Closer to World Domination with 500 Millionth User

Everyone's favorite social networking site reached a pretty big milestone earlier today when user number 500 million signed up. Since launching in 2004, Facebook has skyrocketed to the top of the list of most visited websites in the world but not without alienating some of its users, a number which seems relatively small at this point. No word on who the "lucky" user was who pushed Facebook past the milestone, but odds are they're awkwardly reconnecting with someone from middle school who they never really liked anyway. [Engadget]

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