Leaving a Game in the Back of an Ambulance is a Nice Way to Beat Traffic

October 26, 2009

At some point during an irrelevant game between the Philadelphia Flyers and a team playing in the hockey Mecca of Miami, Florida Panthers star forward David Booth’s face got intimately acquainted with the ice after getting absolutely pummeled after forgetting that keeping your head up and staying conscious are key components of playing hockey.

Booth, who’s probably okay despite the announcers asking the audience to say a small prayer for his family, left the game on a stretcher after lying motionless on the ice for several minutes as trainers began making sure that he’ll be healthy in time to help the Panthers miss the playoffs for the ninth straight year.

What may in fact be the most shocking thing about this hit, though, is the way the Flyer fans reacted. For some inexplicable reason, Flyers fans did not mock, laugh, or throw snowballs at the potentially comatose player. It’s almost like they forgot how to treat a guy who may have lost his ability to walk ever since cheering boisterously as Michael Irvin lay on the ground battling paralysis.

Come on, Philadelphia fans. When I watch Monday Night Football later, I don’t want to see you empathizing with Jason Campbell if he gets his head taken off in the third quarter. I want to see the wave break out or at least a small “You Suck AN-Y-WAYS” chant start.


Source: Daywalk3r Productions