Dune Remake is Back with a Vengeance

January 4, 2010

We all thought the latest remake of Dune that was in development with director Peter Berg was a dead deal when he moved on to direct the confusingly ridiculous Battleship aliens vs. boats movie. But some bad ideas have more lives than a cat: Dune is back, and with a new director.

It looks as though Pierre Morel, the French director of Taken, is taking on the reins of the new Dune remake:

Paramount has found a new director for its remake of the sci-fi classic Dune, after Peter Berg dropped off the project in October. The studio has hired Taken helmer Pierre Morel to oversee the movie. Paramount is currently looking for a new writer to incorporate Morel’s vision of the project into the original draft by Quantum of Solace scribe Josh Zetumer. Morel plans to make a very faithful adaptation of the 1965 book by Frank Herbert.

Everyone who's been disappointed time after time by poor Dune adaptations will groan when they find out that the latest adaptation is a resilient little sucker. But hardcore fans of the novel should take some solace from the fact that Berg is no longer part of the project (remember him? He's the guy who brought us gems like Hancock), even if Morel doesn't have the most extensive track record at this point.

There is so much potential for Dune to be one of the awesomest sci-fi movies ever, and yet no one's been able to pull it off yet. Will it help that a more objective, European filmmaker is now going to be tackling this material? Will Morel be able to grasp what David Lynch and John Harrison and the Sci-Fi Channel couldn't? Or is this just too big of an idea to be captured by one movie or one miniseries?

Whatever the answers to those questions are, it seems Dune is never going to disappear from the cinematic landscape. Not until they try to make it one more time, that is. Dune is turning into the epic movie that's too big to fail.

Should we be afraid or excited?

Source: Universal Pictures