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Yoga Gives Women Orgasms? That Explains a Lot.

by Theta1138   September 29, 2011 at 12:00PM  |  Views: 5,333
Yoga Gives Women Orgasms?  That Explains a Lot.

Yoga is a gentle, relaxing art that asks you to open your chakras wide and receive the energy of pure healing. Or something. It honestly looks more like a way for that creeper who talks about crystals a lot to get a date, but yoga is actual exercise and does have actual health benefits.

And if you're a woman, apparently it can make you have a "yogasm", not to be confused with the porn parody "Yo Gasm Gasm".

Yep, apparently, when some women describe yoga as "orgasmic", they're being literal. So, why, precisely, can an ancient Indian discipline tied to their millennia-old religion that we turned into an exercise routine for housewives do what their husbands supposedly can't? It has to do with muscles.

Yoga, you see, develops all your muscles, but one of the key muscle groups is those around the crotch. There are religious reasons for this: the groin is one of the chakras, the Swadhisthana, tied to creativity and joy (meaning those gurus really knew their stuff, celibate or not), and the idea is to properly develop it. Apparently, this can strengthen and shift those muscles so much that HELLO!

But don't go running to the yoga studio for that reason: it only works in women. On the other hand, those same muscles apparently help increase the likelihood of orgasms and make orgasms more intense. So maybe you should be running for the yoga studio after all.

Photo: Nadya Lukic/Vetta/Getty Images


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