The Top Ten UFC Fights We Want to See

April 28, 2008



The true sign of a good fight matchmaker is when they give you match that you didn't know you REALLY wanted see. But now it's Spike's turn to play fantasy booker with the UFC and picks its Top Ten Fights We Want to See! Without further ado, here's the list...




10. Brock Lesnar vs. Antonio Rodrigo Nogueria

Why we Want See it: This is a fight MMA and pro wrestling fans want to see. Can the former WWE champion handle the UFC Heavyweight champ. Nogueria may just be too good and stop this quicker than Frank Mir, but Lesnar’s wrestling skills and sheer raw power always gives him a chance.
Odds of Happening: 100% - There are only a few marketable heavyweight title fights available and this is one the UFC really wants to make.



9. Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson vs. Wanderlei Silva III

Why we Want See it: Yes, Rampage has two losses to Silva but this is a different Rampage than from his Pride career and secondly one of those losses came from a controversial call when the ref ordered a stand-up as Jackson had a dominant ground position on Silva and looked to be close to finishing Silva off. Controversy or not, Wanderlei knocked Jackson out and just might have Rampage's number.

Odds of Happening: 65% - The UFC may be a little hesistant in putting the third match together between the two. Complicating matters further, Wanderlei lost his debut UFC fight to Liddell, so Wanderlei has to wait in line behind other LH’s. However, with a win over Keith Jardine on May 24th, the UFC may not be able to hold this rematch off much longer.


8. Matt Hughes vs. Josh Koscheck

Why we Want See it: Should be a strong mat wrestling fight between two very hated fighters. Hughes is just so cocky, while Koscheck has such a chip on his shoulder unlikable, that the heat for this could be incredible.

Odds of Happening: 85% - Being two of the top fighters in the Welterweight division makes this a match worth making.


7. Anderson Silva vs. Wanderlei Silva

Why we Want See it: Battle of former training mates. Anderson left Wanderlei’s crew a few years back jumping to Heavyweight champion Antonio Nogueria’s team and, oh, just becoming the Middleweight champion of the world in the process. True there’s a weight division issue but for such a superfight they could come to terms to make this happen.

Odds of Happening: 40% - Unlike a certain other inter-division fight, this match-up makes little sense to put together but still a great 'what if' fight.


6. Josh Koscheck vs. Chris Leben
Why we Want See it: Didn’t you watch season one of the Ultimate Fighter? Or how about the smirk on Koscheck’s face when Anderson Silva beat down Leben? They hate each other! They really, really hate each other! While the first fight was a snooze with Koscheck’s boring ground it out strategy and Leben looked real tentative in throwing his bombs, Koscheck has undoubtedly become a better, less boring fighter while Leben remains a wild, brawling' fighter.

Odds of Happening: 50% - The build-up and trash talking to this fight would be incredible, but they’re in different weight classes. There’s certainly would be a buzz surrounding this fight, but it’s a fight that a loss wouldn’t hurt anyone but a win won’t move them closer to a title shot.


5. Tito Ortiz vs. Wanderlei Silva II

Why we Want See it: An excellent number one contender's match and fresh match-up in the Light Heavyweight division. Ortiz has a win over a younger Wanderlei, but that was before he became the ‘Axe Murderer’ and (at one point) the most dominant Light Heavyweight in the world.
Odds of Happening: 70% - In given time, this match will occur.


4. Matt Serra vs. Matt Hughes

Why we Want See it: We were robbed of this heated fight due to a Serra back injury. This would be interesting to see how both recover from dominating losses at the hands of George St-Pierre. Could the strong wrestler Hughes handle the knock out power and jiu jitsu skills of ‘the Terror’

Odds of Happening: 96% - These two guys have legitimate heat between them and one could argue both want this fight more than another title shot at GSP.


3. Chuck Liddell vs. Forrest Griffin

Why we Want See it: A few years back, Griffin joked “it would be a great fight for 60 seconds then I’d get knocked out.” That was before two straight losses for Liddell and amazing performances by Griffin agiainst Tito Ortiz and his upset of ‘Shogun’ Rua. A Liddell victory may not be such a sure thing now and many would love to see the former season one Ultimate Fighter coach and trainee do battle.

Odds of Happening: 70% - With every fight and strong performances, Forrest is gaining more confidence that a victory over Liddell doesn't seem like the impossibility it once did. Additionally, Liddell might actually need to beat Forrest in order to get another shot at the Light Heavyweight title.


2. Anderson Silva vs. Georges St-Pierre

Why we Want See it: You have argubly the two scariest champions in the UFC right now. The technically sound striking and submission skills of Anderson vs. the dominating wrestling and ground abilities of 'Rush'. Right now this is the ultimate dream match for the UFC. Both are running out of legitimate contenders in their own weight class and even GSP hinted at possibly moving up weight to fight the ‘Spider’.

Odds of Happening: 75% - They're in two different division and this ain’t Pride. But it's a very lucrative fight for the UFC and a match fans would be dying to see. Even though neither would be harmed by a loss, the UFC may not want one of their unbeatable champions to suffer their first loss at the hands of someone outside their own division.


1. Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson vs. Tito Ortiz

Why we Want See it: Legitimately good friends (Jackson said he stayed away from the UFC out of respect for Ortiz as they fight at the same weight) the promos alone would be great. Both are strong wrestlers with Jackson possessing incredible knockout power (ask Liddell) and Ortiz seemingly always finding a  way to  impose his will on most fighters.

Odds of Happening:
83% - This is the last true dream match the UFC could put on. Make them both Ultimate Fighter 9 coaches and let these two build up their match to a record breaking UFC PPV match.


Agree? Disagree? Let your voice be heard. What match-up do you want to see that you think we left out and vote on which match-up on the list you want to see most.