Mantenna - Wednesday, April 8

April 8, 2009

Pete Wentz is in hot water for partying with strippers, Busta Rhymes wants to make a move to TV, and Pete Townshend is facing a $58 million court's the Mantenna!

Source: Star

Wives Strip at War Memorial

Two guys are in hot water after filming their wives performing a sexy striptease at a World War One memorial in France. The sleazy act took place at the Vimy memorial in northern France, which pays tribute to Canadian soldiers who fell during the Battle of Vimy in 1917. Prosecutor Eise Bozzolo told the court, “The women were seen stepping up on to the plinth of the monument and taking off their skirts. Then they started removing their tops, and neither of them was wearing any underwear, suggesting the stunt was planned. Who knows how far this sleazy scene would have gone if they had not been seen by a security guard who called the police.” The men were sentenced for insulting the memory of heroic soldiers and made to pay an $800 fine. The men were also ordered to pay one euro in damages to Canada. [The Sun]

Pete Wentz Plays with Strippers while Ashlee Simpson Plays Mom

Ashlee Simpson recently rushed home from one of her husband’s gigs to look after their newborn son. Meanwhile, her husband Pete Wentz had rushed off to a raucous afterparty to grind with some sexy strippers. According to Star magazine, "Everybody was going absolutely crazy. People were even drunkenly playing makeshift Slip 'n Slide with a mat and lubricant. Pete was in great spirits, dancing and singing along to his band's own songs and grinding up against the dancers." Now that photographs of his escapade have hit the web, Pete is likely to cop an earful from the wifey. [Star]

Will Busta Rhymes Hang up the Mic for TV?

Apparently Busta Rhymes would jump at the chance to pursue a career on TV and gladly hang up the microphone if he was offered the right sum to swap rap for a spot on the small screen. Busta admitted recently that following in Will Smith's footsteps and landing a role in a TV series would be a dream come true. Busta says that he “would” pursue a full time TV career and points out that “they pay good.” “The Will Smith money is still crazy, Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and all that. I got to know about what that syndication money look (sic) like." [Contact Music]

Pete Townshend's Ex Launches Cash Fight

Pete Townshend is facing a $58 million court battle after his estranged wife hired a big time divorce lawyer to fight for a share of his fortune. Pete split from Karen Astley on good terms in 1994, but in a court hearing in London today the couple were granted the first stage of a divorce, with Astley stating she considers Townshend's behavior "no longer tolerable." Reports in the U.K. speculate that lawyers will build a case for Astley based on her supporting the rocker as his career took off, and sticking by him during his fight against drug addiction. [Contact Music]

Michael Caine Might Appear in Inception


Source: Jason Kempin/WireImage/Getty Images

It seems there are just some actors that writer/director Christopher Nolan can’t do without, and Michael Caine is one of them. Caine has recently started talking about the possibility of his starring in Nolan’s new sci-fi thriller Inception along with Cillian Murphy, Leonardo DiCaprio, Marrion Cotillard, and Ellen Page. Caine said that, “I think there might be a part for me. I could well be [in it], yes…I don’t think Nolan’s going to make a picture without me…I will know this week if I’m going to be in it.” Sounds like we’ll know the whole cast soon – hopefully very soon. How many movies is Nolan going to make before he gets around to the next Batman? Our patience is not unconditional. Okay, so it is. But still. [Screen Rant]

Pirating Movies Makes You a Child Pornographer

Wired has gathered a decade of anti-piracy advertisements into a big, hilarious, hyper-dramatic heap.  Obviously none of the things warned of in the video came to fruition (for example, we don’t think you’re a child pornographer), so it’s extra fun to see what Hollywood was trying to scare us with in the past. [Wired]

Computer Virus Infection World Map

Which countries are most and least likely to be the targets of malware, hackers, and other nefarious electronic diseases?  The results might surprise you.  Or they might not, if you live in either squeaky clean Australia or the e-dirtiest country on the planet: Russia.  Hit the link to see how the rest of the world stacks up. [Gizmodo]

Ken Block Takes Home the Win at New York Rally

In a 100-mile technical rally in the southern Catskill Mountains of New York, Ken Block slid towards a top finish with more than a three minute margin between him and second place. Not a part of the RallyAmerica circuit, the rally was cited as being notoriously wet this year. Not to worry, as Block performed flawlessly and was noted to have been "unchallenged." Block raced his 2007 Open Class Subaru STi as his 2009 car is on its way west for the upcoming Olympus rally. [RallyBuzz]

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