Strip Vandalism

May 27, 2009

A Washington couple has been arrested after creating and playing a strange new destructive stripping game called Sex Me.

Washington State Police arrested 23-year-old Joshua Sizemore and 18-year-old Amanda Madison after catching them red-handed throwing baseball-sized rocks from a rail overpass on a state highway. The couple were arrested in their underwear and revealed to police they were playing a bizarre stripping game they had created.

The stripping game, which they creatively titled Sex Me, involved removing an item of clothing according to the number of burnt-out headlights seen on cars below. It is understood that Sizemore shed an article of clothing for every busted right headlight and Amanda for ones on the left. It is unsure why they were throwing rocks. One theory is they were trying to smash the headlights of oncoming cars, in the hopes of forcing the other to strip. At the time of the arrest Madison was obviously losing, as she was wearing the least clothing.

All in all the duo damaged 14 cars and face 14 counts of second degree assault.  They are being held on bail.

Source: Steven Miric/Photodisc/Getty Images

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