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Bieber Meets Bot And A Roundup Of CES Celebrities

by DanSeitz   January 13, 2012 at 12:00PM  |  Views: 7,447
A trade show draws celebrities of all stripes. So who made CES ... and what were they selling? Check out our roundup below. (All images: Getty)

Justin Bieber introduced mRobo, a dancing robot. Though, if you know a tween, you were already aware of this.

Try as he might, Justin Timberlake could not bring MySpace back. (He was there to help introduce MySpace TV.)

Ryan Seacrest helped Ballmer and co. announce "Microsoft, out" at their final CES keynote.

In other "American Idol" news, Kelly Clarkson closed Sony's presentation Monday night, creating the most awkward photo-op of all time with CEO Howard Stringer.

Grover, by far the biggest star in our books, was at the Qualcomm keynote to introduce a Sesame Street game.

will.i.am closed the Intel CES presentation, straight cheesin'.

Will Smith and gadget-guru-slash-famous-Hollywood-director Barry Sonnenfeld were on hand to preview their new Sony film, "Men In Black 3." And share a giggle.

50 Cent was there promoting his Sync by 50 line of headphones, just like...

Ludacris, who was also selling a line of headphones.

LL Cool J was there selling his music software, Boomdizzle, and completing the techy-rapper trifecta.