Random Match 1: Foxhound vs LFD special infected

January 29, 2011

-All Done-

* Metal Gear is property of Konami and Kojima Productions. Left For Dead is property of Valve Software.

In an effort to delay the inevitable match of Spartan vs Centurion (which I still cannot decide for the life of me who would be victorious) I have decided to take it upon myself to create something that I have yet to see anyone else create. Anyways, here are the two groups that will be fighting each other:


The official FOXHOUND logo

Estabilished in 1970 by a legendary soldier some refer to as "Big Boss," it is an elite Black Ops unit in the U.S. army. Showcased throughout the "Metal Gear" series of video games, it's members are all battle hardened veterans, with many coming from a mercenary background. The FOXHOUND unit that will be used is from the very end of the unit's life, when an incident at Shadow Moses Island involving nuclear weapons caused the U.S. government to officially disband the unit. The members used will be Psycho Mantis, Vulcan Raven, Sniper Wolf, Revolver Ocelot, and their commander, Liquid Snake.

And they will be attacked by...

All eight of the Special infected

The special infected from the Left For Dead series of games are humans that have been heavily mutated by the Green Flu Virus. Each of them have their own unique abilities that can ruin nearly anyone's survival in a zombie-filled world. They also have various degrees of resistance to damage, ranging from extremely frail in the case of the Boomer, to near bulletproof in the case of the Tank. These things will likely prove a worthy adversary to even the most elite special forces unit.

Match Info:

This match will be done in an attack and defend style, with the Infected attacking the FOXHOUND operatives in every situation. The FOXHOUND operatives will have to find a way to ward off the Infected until either all of them are dead, or they have reached their destination. There will be no common infected from the LFD series (other than the result of a Boomer,) and only one of each special infected will be attacking. Their destination is a boat over a mile away from their starting point, which will give the Infected plenty of time to set up ambushes, while still allowing the FOXHOUND members to get to the boat within a reasonable amount of time.

I will be using a points system for grading each of the individual members of each side. Because the FOXHOUND operatives are so well trained and armed, the special infected have 3 more members than FOXHOUND does. However I will be grading very harshly on the infected due to many of them failing to be effective outside of group ambushes, while each of the FOXHOUND operatives are just as deadly with or without their comrades.

Expect this to be much more detailed than any of my other blogs, as I'm not just using DW info anymore.


Revolver Ocelot

Revovler Ocelet circa 2005

Real name Adamska, Ocelot was born in 1944 in Normandy, France. He then fled to the Soviet Union in 1960, where he joined the GRU. He later become commander of his very own Spetsnaz unit, which saw their first action in attempting to foil the actions of Big Boss during operation during a secret operation known as "Snake Eater." After his first confrontation with Big Boss, his Makarov pistol jammed, allowing Big Boss to easily knock him out. As he did, however, he suggested to Ocelot that a revolver would suit his shooting style better. Ever since that moment, his weapon of choice has been a Colt Single Action Army Revovler. He later joined with Big Boss as part of the Patriots, but left after Big Boss attempted a coup de gras. Much later, he found that one of Big Boss' sons, Liquid Snake, was part of the FOXHOUND. Having repected and admired Big Boss, he willingly joined the unit as an interrigation expert.

Weapon- Colt Single Action Army Revolver

" This is the greatest handgun ever made. The Colt Single Action Army. Six bullets... more than enough to kill anything that moves."

Revolver Ocelot to Solid Snake in 2005

Ocelot got his surname through his extreme proficiency with this weapon, gained from over 30 years of constant useage. Shooting .45 Colt rounds, this weapon packs quite a punch. His most impressive feat using the pistol by far is his ability to ricochet rounds off of flat surfaces and still mantain the velocity and accuracy to kill. The major downside of this weapon is that fact that it is a single action revolver. This gives it a low rate of fire, low magazine size, and very slow reload time. This weapon would serve well against large targets like the Tank and Boomer, but against smaller, faster targets like the Hunter this weapon would prove ineffectual.

Special Abilities- Torture
After witnessing the torture of Big Boss at the hands of his commanding officer, he grew to liken it as a form of expression. After years of study, he became a master in the field of torture, his favorite being electirifying his subjects. Obviously this would have little use in this situation, but let just say that if he shoots the legs off of a jockey, he won't put it out of it's misery.


Revolver Ocelot is a horrifyingly deadly soldier who's skill set is nearly endless. He has acted as a double and triple agent at some point and knows a considerable amount of hand to hand combat techniques. His revolver is a great weapon for slowing down a Tank or Charger, but lacks the range for taking down a Smoker, and the speed for taking down a Hunter or a Jockey. It may do well against a witch if he kills it fast enough, but once she starts running it's all over. His age may also slow him down a bit during the journey.

Points will be revealed after the battle

Sniper Wolf

Sniper Wolf with her Favorite Rifle

"I was born on a battlefield. Raised on a battlefield. Gunfire, sirens and screams... They were my lullabies..."



Born in 1980, Sniper Wolf (real name unknown) was raised in the middle of a violent conflict between Kurdish freedom fighters and the Iraqi regimine of Saddam Hussein. She would live through this until she was about 8, when she was trained by Gurkhas to snipe. She eventually met Big Boss, who saw great potential in her and took her to the U.S. After he died, she joined FOXHOUND and became involved with the Shadow Moses Incident. It was there that she developed her love for wolves, which is where she got her surname.

Weapon- PSG-1

A German made semi-automatic sniper rifle, Sniper Wolf became famous by using this weapon. It was said that she would stalk her target for days, weeks even, before she finally ended them with this. It fires a 7.62x51 cartridge at a velocity of over 800 Meters per Second. This isn't a weapon for up close encounters, as it's long barrel and 5 round cartridge would make in ineffective for such things. This weapon would certainly excel in taking out Smokers and Spitters though, as they would be attacking the team from rooftops and other unreachable areas. It would also prove useful against Tanks, as the round will certainly penetrate their think skin far enough to do damage. Against a Hunter or a jockey though, she would be in trouble.

Special Abilities- Addiction to Pentazemin

Also known as benzodiazepine, this drug basically calms you down and relaxes the muscles. She would always be under the effects of this drug while sniping, meaning that she would stay dead accurate during even the most stressful situations. This basically means that if a Tank is coming at her, she will still be able to knock the head off of the Smoker that was hiding behind the dumpster before she started running.


Sniper Wolf is a great sniper, but she is only that. She doesn't know hand to hand combat, or anything else that an experienced soldier would know. She is quite young and while she is unrivaled at stalking and sniping, everything else she falls short at. Basically she's not a well rounded soldier, specializing in one thing and one thing only, which isn't good when you've got eight completely different things coming after you.

Vulcan Raven

Yeah, he's a big guy

Born in 1970 to Native Alaskan and Inuit parents, he got the name "Raven" from his raven shaped birthmark on his forehead. While in Alaska he was raised as a shaman by his people, giving him spiritual abilities. He also participated in in the Alaskan-Indian Olympics, excelling in the 4 man carry event (even though he carried 6 men.) During a trip across the bering strait to Siberia, he met GRU operative Revolver Ocelot. He then spent his time in the Soviet special forces until its collapse in 1993. He proceded to join Big Boss' mercenary dispatch company, but moved to FOXHOUND after Solid Snake destroyed that. In FOXHOUND he was the groups heavy weapons specialist, and excelled at using a modified version of the M61 Vulcan.

Weapon- M61 Vulcan

His unbelievable strength and resilience allowed him to use a modified version of the standard M61 Vulcan used on aircraft. He carries the external power source and ammunition on his back and the 248 pound gun in his arms. The power source and ammunition together weigh about as much as a compact car, so this is not going to be a fun weapon to carry on a mile-long trip, but there is no better weapon to kill a large target with. Its 20 mm rounds are gigantic and will cause immense damage to anything it hits, and the fact that they are spewing out at god knows how may rounds per second means that a tank or charger would be down within an instant of being within this weapons gaze. It's drawbacks stem from it's weight and the fact that you have to spool it before you fire, making it not so ideal for killing the fast moving infected.

Special Abilities- He can carry that thing

As long as he has that weapon on his back, he's not going to be doing any hand to hand combat maneuvers or even anything other than walking. However if he ever runs out of ammo for that thing (at which point everything should be dead anyways) he could drop that thing and fist fight a Tank for a 50/50 chance of surviving.


Vulcan Raven and his gatling gun will prove to be extremely useful in the killing of Tanks, Chargers, and witches, but it lacks the stability to kill Smokers and spitters, and the maneuverability to kill hunters and jockeys. He will also no doubt slow down the whole team with that thing, as if he gets left behind he'll be an easy target for a spitter. One upside I can see with that much weight though, is that jockeys and smokers will not be able to move him at all, so there's always that.

Psycho Mantis

He's floating...

"Now I will show you why I am the most powerful practitioner of psychokinesis and telepathy in the world!"

Psycho Mantis to Solid Snake in 2005

Born in a small Russian village, his mother died giving birth to him. This made his father resent and hate him, which he found out one day when accidentally reading his father's mind. He feared for his life after this, and accidentally used his telekinetic powers to burn down his village, killing all residents and causing severe burns across his body and face. He later joined the KGB as part of the psychic intelligence division, but went to the FBI after the Soviet Union's collapse. He was a successful interrogator, but he accidentally dove too deep into one subject's mind and gained his personality, causing his psychosis. He eventually became a freelance psychic, and during his travels developed a disgust for humanity and their, "mindless, selfish desire to pass on their own DNA." By the time he joined FOXHOUND he had taken to wearing a gas mask to keep people's thoughts from forcing their way into his mind, as well as hiding his deformed facial features.

Weapon- None

Special Abilities- The Force

Psycho Mantis has immense psychic powers, to the point that he can manipulate multiple small objects at the same time. His powers allow him to float above the ground as well, so many of the special infected may have trouble actually getting to the guy if he flys high enough. He can also manipulate people to his will, but this will go unused during this fight, as the infected brains have rotted away and become nothing but instinctual machines built on rage. He can use various objects as projectiles and shields for him and his teammates though, making him an intragal part of the team.


Psycho Mantis is very frail and has no battlefield experience whatsoever. He makes  this up in pure power, and the ability to manipulate objects means he could neutralize some of the faster moving infected when they get too close. He could also tell his teammates where the infected are ahead of time, but this may be unreliable, as the infected minds will most likely be unreadable due to their extreme infection. His ability to fly can help him escape some of the ground infected, but it also makes him an easy target for a smoker if he goes too high. This guy is a bit of an unknown quantity, but he will nonetheless prove useful in helping the team.

Liquid Snake

Because he's too cool to button up his jacket


Solid Snake on Liquid Snake

Created by the Les Enfants Terribles project, he is a clone of Big Boss. He is the brother of Solid Snake and Solidus Snake, but what differs them is the genes from Big Boss they recieved. Liquid received the dominant genes from Big Boss, and as such is superior to Solid and Solidus. However he believed that Solid Snake had received the dominant genes, and he resented his brother for his supposed superiority. With an IQ of 180, he was the youngest person to join the SAS, at the age of 18. He was captured by Iraqi's during his service, and was rescued by the American Government in 1994. In the year 2000 he joined FOXHOUND, becoming a commander because of his background.

Weapon- Famas

A standard assault rifle firing the standard 5.56x45 NATO cartridge, it has a 25 round magazine and a high rate of fire. He could fire this weapon one handed while driving a car better than most could in a controlled situation. This weapon will prove its worth against all of the infected, but it will tear up the faster of the infected like the hunter. It has the range to hit smokers from far away and the cartridge to reliably damage the larger infected, so this is easily the most balanced weapon. The main problem with being balanced is that you don't excel at anything, but against such an enemy, balanced is good.

Special Abilities- CQC

Liquid is an unbelievable hand to hand combat artist, displaying this in multiple fights with his brother, Solid Snake. Don't get me wrong, Revolver Ocelot could kill you with his slipper, but it doesn't measure up to the skill of Liquid. He favors striking moves, but has no problem grappling as well. He has also been known to use his weapon as tools of destruction, making the Famas even more useful. If he gets pinned by a hunter, I can see him getting it off of him, then breaking its neck. That's a huge advantage.


As a clone of who many call the greatest soldier ever, and twin brother of the man who makes the impossible possible, he already has alot going for him. He is exceptionally smart and knows how to kill in many different ways. He may not be nearly as famous as his brother, but he is just as deadly and cunning as him, so he's got the edge (if there was any.)

Now onto their attackers

The Special Infected:

The Boomer

Low depth perception

"Hear the Boomer? I'm gonna kill his ass..."

-Francis on Boomers

Extent of Mutations:

The Boomer has undergone extreme mutations due to an adverse reaction to the infection, most notably it's bloated stomach, which now over-produces massive amounts of bile. The sheer tension placed upon it's skin has resulted in a breakdown of the epidermal layers, causing it to have very thin skin. This makes the Boomer very vulnerable to any damage, and even the slightest upset can cause it to explode, sending Bile everywhere.

Main Attack- Bile

The bile that the Boomer produces so vigorously has special properties, in that it attracts any common infected nearby. Because of the nature of this match, this is the only way that common infected will ever come to attack FOXHOUND. This will make the Boomer extremely useful during an ambush, as the confusion caused by one or more survivors being coated and attacked by infected could give other special infected a great opportunity to hit the other survivors. He also spews this bile all around him when he explodes, making him an effective suicide bomber.


The Boomer is great for starting an ambush, but if alone, he isn't much of a threat. He is also by far the most vulnerable of the Special Infected, so he'll have to hide until the survivors get close to avoid get shot to pieces before causing any damage. He moves quite slow due to his size, so he will be an easy target for anyone that sees him. He can summon a horde of infected though, which can range from mildly annoying to devstating if the FOXHOUND operatives are caught in the open by his attack.

The Smoker

Don't worry, it's benign

"Smoker, he's going to have to use that tongue to choke my foot out of his ass!"

-Francis on Smokers

Extent of Mutations:

The Smoker's face and chest have been heavily mutated by the infection, which has caused him to have a loud, raspy cough at all times. He has grown a gigantic tumor that protrudes from his neck and chest as well, which seems to produce his multiple tongues. He is quite tall, standing just under 7 feet. He can get around well enough, but is by no means fast, and walks around with a slight limp. His pores are constantly releasing a cloud of smoke around him. Upon dying he releases a large smoke cloud as well.

Main Attack- Tongue

He has an unbelievably long tongue, and can launch it accurately up to about 100 feet. At this point he can wrap his tongue around a survivor and choke him while dragging him towards him. Once he gets close enough he can then beat the survivor while choking him. This attack is best used from far away, where the FOXHOUND operatives cannot react quickly to him. If his tongue is broken, it is somehow regenerated within seconds. This is best used in conjection with a distraction, such as a boomer, but can also be used to drag individual members away from the group and slow down their progress.


The Smoker can be a nightmare in a situation where there is alot of open space and cover. He cannot be very stealthy, as his size, coughing, and smoke would alert survivors to his presence. His coughing can be used to scare and confuse the survivors though, as if they can hear him they may try searching for him, further slowing their journey and possibly leading them into traps. His ability to pull a survivor away from a group while simultaneously silencing them (via choking) means he can pull a survivor out of confusion and beat him while the other members have no idea what happened to him. He's a contender, to be sure.

The Hunter

That is one evil grin

Yeah, you'd better hide! Sweatshirt wearin' little wuss."

-Francis on Hunters

Extent of Mutations:

He is arguably the least visually mutated of all of the special infected, but he is by no means unaffected by the infection. He has gained immense physical strength and incredible agility. He also has decreased pain response, kinda like a Spetsnaz, only with a hoody.

Main Attack- Pounce

His increased strength and agility has granted him the ability to jump unbelievable distances and heights while taking no damage. He uses this to pin survivors to the ground and tear their flesh from their bodies. This is obviously extremely devestating to that survivor, but unfortunately this attack puts the Hunter at great personal risk, as he has to get extremely close to the survivors to attack them. When he pins them they stay in the same spot as well, giving the other members a chance to quickly get him off the survivor and kill him.


This guy is the ninja of the group of special infected. He is completely silent until he gets ready to attack, making him great for stealth. He can also move quickly via his jumps, and can climb buildings in seconds. His speed also allows him to draw attention to himself by jumping away where he is visible to the FOXHOUND operatives, yet still moving quick to the point that they can't kill him. He is arguably the best at picking off lone survivors, and can also be used to finish off any badly wounded survivors quickly due to his surprising attack.

The Spitter


"Man, I liked these zombies better when they got clothes on."

Ellis upon seeing a Spitter

Extent of Mutations

Easily the most horrifying of any of the infected, the Spitter is sort of like a hybrid between a Boomer, Smoker, and Prostitute. It's neck has done... something that makes it able to shoot out globs of acid-like spit like a howiter, and it's jaw has unhinged to allow it to do this. It's neck has also been stretched, like a giraffe if it were a prostitute.

Main Attack- Acid Spit

Being the disgusting sack of crap that she is, it's only fitting that her attack would be equally repulsive. Her spit has a pretty long range and is quite damaging to anyone who steps in it. It is also very good for hit and run attacks, as she can spit at the survivors and run before they have a chance to react. The problem with it is that the spit is stationary on the ground, and moves at a speed too slow to hit a moving target. This relegates its main usefulness to temporarily cutting off choke points during FOXHOUND's journey. She also leaves a small pool of acid upon death, but it's too small to really do much of anything.


The Spitter is quite frail, and as such, cannot survive more than a couple of shots before dying. Her attack is also not useful for a wide range of situations, as survivors can simply navigate around the pool of acid in most cases. It could, however, enhance another infectee's attack, especially since they all seem to be immune to the acid. If a Smoker is beating one of the operatives, she can spit a pool of acid on the choking operative to make damn sure that he's going to die. It may also be helpful for hitting Raven in particular, since he can't move fast enough to move out of a pool of acid before it hurts him. She can be useful, but not too often.

The Jockey

Too easy

"It ain't right for a man to be ridden like that"

-Coach while watching a jockey ride Nick

Extent of Mutations:

The jockey has gained alot of upper back and neck muscle, causing him to hunch over and hop around like a monkey. His fingers and toes have also been extended, further adding to his monkey-like appearance. He has also gone completely insane, always laughing uncontrollably. It is possible that he bit off his lips due to this mania, though they may have just rotted away. He has also gained slightly increased damage resistance due to the extra muscle mass on his back.

Main Attack- Ride

The jockey's favorite thing to do besides laugh is to jump on the backs of survivors and take them wherever he wants to go. He grabs their neck and leans whichever way he wants them to go, simultaneously clawing at their face with one of his hands. While not horribly damaging on his own, he can definitely cause friendly fire incidents if someone tries to shoot him off his victim. He can also take one person away from a conflict without the other FOXHOUND members noticing (depending on the conflict at hand.)


The jockey can take an above average amount of damage, and his small frame and fast movements means he will be very hard to hit, let alone kill. He is not stealthy at all due to his maniacal laughter, so he won't be able to sneak up on the survivors. He will be able to take one away a reasonable distance as well, and he puts his victim at a high risk of friendly fire due to how he's taking them away. That can be very helpful in reducing the morale of the FOXHOUND members as well as eliminating them overall. He's best used to hit a wounded survivor towards the end of a large conflict and take them far away before anyone notices the absense. Also yeah, he does hump them.

The Charger

My daddy told me I'd go blind...

"Oh shit, it's one of those rammer things!"

-Ellis when hearing a Charger nearby

Extent of Mutations:

The Charger's most obvious mutation is his gigantic right arm. His left arm has become completely useless in the process, simply flapping around with whatever he does. His skull has become inbedded in his chest as well, and he has no visible neck. His arm is covered in scars and debris from smashing it against things as well.

Main Attack- Charge!

Surprisingly, his attack consists of charging at survivors arm first at remarkable speeds. He singles out one survivor to hit and picks him up along his journey, stopping at the first solid object he hits. He then repeatedly slams the survivor into the ground using his arm, causing immense damage. Anyone else he hits while charging is bowled out of the way, causing massive confusion within the group. This is a great attack to start an ambush, especially in thin, long alleys where he can take the survivor far away from the group. With one survivor gone, other infected can take the opportunity to attack the others while the first is still being smashed into oblivion.


This guy is a nightmare in almost any situation. His gigantic size and constant mumbling means he can't be too stealthy, but his extreme speed and large damage threshold means that he will be very hard to kill before he gets a hold of someone. His arm can shield him from most bullets, and his head is in a very hard place to shoot. He can also be used as a shield for smaller infected to hide behind and get close enough to ambush. Anyone large enough to be used as mobile cover is a great asset to any team.

The Witch

Flashlights Off!!

"Run Like Hell!"

-Zoey after startling a witch

Extent of Mutations:

The witch hasn't been mutated as much as some of the others, but her main mutation is her absolutely giant claws. She has also gained an immeasureable tolerance to damage, and even with her small size can take simply too much punishment without dying. She is not aggresive either, wandering around or sometimes sitting, always crying. If someone disturbs her though, bad things happen.

Attack- Kill someone

If someone disturbs her, the witch will sprint at the person who disturbed her, and only that person. At that point she needs to be brought down before she gets to who she's going for, because her claws allow her to kill her target at first contact. After she has killed him, she then runs away from any other survivors.


The witch can take dozens of bullets before succumbing to them, and her speed is unmatched by any living person. The ability to kill someone in one hit is a power that should not be taken lightly, especially since her small size indicated little threat to be had. Her biggest downfall is that she isn't aggresive, meaning that if the FOXHOUND team simply move past her without making too much noise, she will not attack. However this does give some of the other infected a chance to kill someone, as a smoker can always pull someone right into the witch without putting himself in harms way, so she's really more like a hazard that the team will have to navigate around to continue unharmed.

The Tank

He used to be a governor

"Oh fuck my life."

-Roker when being chased by a Tank

Extent of Mutations:

This guy has an unbelievable amount of upper body strength, it's too much. He can pick up and hurl cars with ease, and is stopped by almost nothing. His head is currently part of a joint operation with his neck, and his arms have grown in length to promote swinging them at people like a flail. His enourmous bulk also allows him to run on his hands like a gorilla, giving this pile of muscle good speed as well. His skin offers better protection than a kevlar vest, and as such he can sustain more damage than Blackbeard while still killing people with his enourmous fists. He also has brain damage to the point that it isn't essential to him, so headshots don't even work on this guy.

Main Attack- Punching and throwing very large things.

Nothing more to say about this, he does those two things, and they will kill you in most cases.


The Tank is representative of everything that nobody wants to be up against. He's gigantic, stronger than anything, quite fast, unable to be reasoned with, and unbelievably aggresive. He is not a team player, meaning he could care less about what the other infected are doing, but he is great for simply killing people, and offers the best distraction that could ever happen. Other infected could take advantage of this distraction by attacking the FOXHOUND members who aren't close to the Tank, making sure that he finishes the job. The only situation that the Tank does no damage is if he charges right into Vulcan Raven's minigun fire, which would bring him down very quickly. If that's not available though, the surviving members are going to have a fight on their hands that they may not come out of.

Extra Advantage:

All of the special infected have what is called "Infected vision" which lets them see any survivors locations at all times, even through solid objects like buildings. Huge advantage, especially in low vision situations.

-All of the FOXHOUND members are considered immune to the virus, so that the only they die is from their wounds alone.

"Are we ready Liquid?"

Liquid pulled back on the charging handle of his FAMAS. "Ready."

Ocelot opened the door of the smoking Humvee and checked around to make sure the coast was clear. He signaled to the other members and they all got out of the vehicle. "Where is everybody?" Asked Sniper Wolf, the least knowledgable about the region. "They probably stocked up for the blizzards that hit the town earlier this week." Replied Vulcan Raven. "Nothing unusual for this part of Alaska."

Psycho Mantis was busy examining the front end of the Humvee, which was covered in a thick green substance that caused them to crash. Liquid went up to touch it, when Mantis stopped him. "Don't do that Mantis, I hate it when you use your powers on me." said Liquid, who grabbed his arm to make sure he had control over it. "It's acid." Retorted Mantis. "The front end damage is minimal, but part of the engine has been eroded away by this substance."

"Where did it come from?" asked Ocelot, who was showing mild interest while playing with his revolver. "I don't know what it is." Replied Mantis, who floated up to check the tops of the buildings. "But it definitely came from above us." He floated back down and stopped Ocelot's revolver from falling into the snow. "Keep it in your right hand, that antique's not going to work too well full of ice." Ocelot snatched the revolver from the air in front of him and snarled as he flipped the revolver in his left hand and holstered it in one motion.

"Let's get going!" Yelled Raven over the now howling winds. "We need to move quickly if we are going to get to Shadow Moses before the seas get too rough." He strapped on the generator to his back and picked up his minigun. He spooled it up to keep it warm and started walking, making a path through the snow for the others to follow in. Before leaving, Sniper Wolf asked the group, "Are you sure that all we need to bring are our weapons?" Liquid answered, " The genome soldiers are already stationed there, they brought plenty of supplies and rations with them. All you..."

Suddenly a bloodcurdling scream was heard echoing around them. All of them took out their weapons and looked around. The storm gave them limited vision and all they saw were the outlines of buildings. "Keep your guard up and keep moving!" Yelled Liquid. "We only have about a mile until we reach the port! We're not stopping now!" A rope-like projectile darted out of nowhere and wrapped around Sniper Wolf's neck. It began to drag her away when Ocelot shot it in half with his revolver. "What the hell was that?" Coughed Wolf as she took the rope off her neck. Mantis flew over and took the rope, immidiately recognizing it. "It's a human tounge."

Ocelot replaced the spent round in his revolver. "What kind of human could that possibly belong to?" he asked Mantis, who was observing the area that the tounge came from. "I can't figure it out." he said angrily. "All I hear is anger and hatred. It's like whatever it came from has lost the ability to think." Raven aimed his vulcan cannon at the area and fired off a quick burst. "That should take care of any anything over there." He chuckled and began walking again, when something popped out of a snow drift beside him and spewed liquid all over him.

"What the hell!?" he yelled as he stumbled backwards. Liquid rasied his rifle and fired at the charging beast, but it violently exploded and covered Mantis and Raven in the liquid. "What happened?!" Yelled Wolf from the back of the team. "I heard an explosion!" As she said that a chilling mix of painful cries and screams came from ahead of them.

Raven and Mantis got out of the way as the mass of people came at the group. The three other members started firing into the group, but they didn't even seem phased by it, as the mass of infected all headed for Mantis and Raven. By now they had regained some of their vision, and Raven tried spooling up his minigun as Mantis flew up and out of their reach. "Oh that's just amazing!" Raven yelled as he realized the Boomer explosion ruined the power unit on his back. He tried to unstrap the unit but it was too late, and the dozen infected all rushed him, knocking him over. They bit and clawed and kicked at the downed giant, who was helpless with the power unit still on him. Ocelot was busy reloading his revolver as Liquid and Wolf poured their ammo into the attackers. They were ruthless and seemed to feel no pain, simply falling like ragdolls when they died.

When they were finally dead, the rest of the team helped Raven take his power unit off and get up. "Why is this happening?" Raven asked, coughing up blood. He had sustained many woulds, most of which were large gashes caused by their fingernails. "What was going through their minds as they attacked us?" They waited for a response from Mantis, when they realized that Mantis was gone.

*Minutes Earlier* Mantis flew up and away from the crowd of infected as they hit Raven. He read their minds and found that they were all severly attracted to the substance within the Boomer. He saw a garbage can that he was about to throw at the infected on top of Raven, when another tounge came from the roof a building next to him and grabbed his neck. He was reeled in by the creature on the other side of it, helpless to do anything to stop him.  He saw that the creature had no other purpose other than to kill uninfected humans, which explained the attack, but not where they all came from. He was finally at the feet of the creature, as he looked up and saw the hideously deformed face of what was once a human. He was nearly blinded by the think smoke that was coming from his pores, and the coughing only instilled further fear in him. He was being beaten now, and as he was began to slip out of conciousness, he saw a way out.

The team looked around for Mantis, who would never go far away from the team without telling someone through telepathy what he was doing. They yelled for him, to no avail, and fired some shots off in case he had somehow gotten lost in the storm and couldn't find them. Just as they had given up, Sniper Wolf turned around violently and shot randomly into the storm. They heard a scream and saw a puff of smoke, then Mantis fell from a rooftop into the snow below.

"How did you see him over there?" Ocelot asked Wolf as they ran over to Mantis. "I didn't," she replied. "He controlled me to shoot whatever was holding him." When they got to him he was in bad shape. His neck was nearly broken by the tight grip of the Smoker and he had multiple internal injurys from the beating he endured. "Are you okay?" Asked Raven, who inspected his wounds to see if he could help. Mantis didn't reply, as he saw by the look on Ravens face that he knew what his condition was. "He needs serious medical help, this is beyond my power to heal." Raven told the group. "Will he last until Shadow Moses?" Asked Liquid. "If we hur..."

Raven's reply was inturrupted by a splash of liquid on Mantis' body. The trail that followed the projectile led to the same building he fell off of, but the attacker had already gone from sight. Mantis' felt the same feeling he felt as a child in his village as the skin melted away from his flesh. He saw flashbacks of women running into burning house to save children, and of his father, who was killed by the collapse of their house. The other members of FOXHOUND could do nothing but watch as Mantis screamed and the thick green slime turned to a thin red.


"God Damn it!" Yelled Liquid, kicking a pile of snow next to him. "Now we've got no psychic!" Ocelot said nothing as Liquid raged on, he simply kicked some snow on the melted remains of Mantis. He never truly respected him as a soldier, he saw him as a bag of tricks that could be avoided if smart enough; something he had been doing for years. His death simply meant that he would get to interrogate more prisoners his way, and at this thought a grisly grin spread across his face as he thought back to his many interrogations as a Spetsnaz officer, electrocuting them until they had given him what he needed, then finishing them off soon thereafter.

He snapped out of his thoughts as the now crying Wolf hit him in the back of the head. "What are you smiling at?" She sobbed. Her lack of experience was showing hard now, as the death of a squad member sent her into a deep depression. Raven attempted to console her as tears streamed down her cheeks, then quickly froze in their place. "We need to get moving." Raven told Liquid. "The storm's not going to wait for our mourning, and with these creatures attacking us it could take considerably longer than expected." Wolf picked up her rifle and wiped away the frozen tears. She said nothing, simply glancing back at Ocelot as she started off towards the port alone. The others followed her into the storm, not daring to say another word about their fallen comrade.

They walked silently in the storm, hearing horrible grunting, laughing, and yelling all around them. They treaded the snow as fast as they could in constant fear from the creatures that were no doubt watching them. Raven was unarmed, as his minigun's generator was covered inside and out with the sticky Boomer bile, making it unuseable. Ocelot was in the back of the group, right behind Liquid. They were about a half mile away from the port when they heard a loud whooping.

A giant creature charged through the snow in front of them and hit Sniper Wolf. His power allowed him to plow through Raven before Liquid and Ocelot jumped out of the way. The creature kept moving with Wolf until he smashed into a wall. He then began smashing her against the ground with tremendous force, shaking the ground with each pound. As Liquid and Ocelot starting shooting at it, something else jump on Liquid's head and began taking him away. The creature laughed maniacally as he took him away, simultaniously restraining his arms and choking him. Ocelot turned his attention to the thing on Liquid when he heard a scream directly above him. Another creature landed on top of Ocelot, pinning him to the ground and holding his revolver down. He tried to move, but the creature ripped and tore at his clothes and skin with horrifying speed. Another scream roared throughout the empty street, and something else came charging at the downed Ocelot.

Raven dropkicked the Hunter that was on Ocelot, knocking him 10 feet away. Ocelot was surprised at this, but he heard Raven's voice yell, "Liquid!" as he ran off towards Wolf. He quickly drew his revolver and aimed down the alleyway that Liquid had been taken down. The creature was just about to turn him around a corner as Ocelot shot the Jockey's head off, allowing Liquid to get him off. The raging Raven charged at the behemoth on Wolf and shouldered it in the back, knocking him off balance. He then took the Charger's good arm and swung him around and into the wall, smashing the creature into oblivion. The Hunter saw this power and wanted nothing to do with it, so he jumped into an alleyway and up a building to attack later.

Raven picked up the body of Sniper Wolf and immidiately felt that nearly all of her bones were shattered during the attack. Her body was completely limp and her face was horribly distorted. Raven let out a thunderous scream towards the heavens, and for a moment, the storm grew silent as the scream echoed off the buildings around him.


Raven dropped the body of Sniper Wolf and began beating the Charger's dead body some more. The sight of someone so young dying so brutally had sent him into an uncontrollable rage. Ocelot and Liquid ran up to the scene and saw Wolf's decimated body lying in the snow next to Raven. They turned away from the sight of it until Raven had finished turning the Charger into a gooey mess. He then walked up to the two bystanders who were trying to pinpoint the source of the Hunter, who was still alive, and making his presence known through his constant screaming. "I will take you to Shadow Moses Island." He said to them. "When we get there I am bringing soldiers back here to eradicate these fucking creatures from the face of the earth."

"If we get to the island alive, I'll fight them with you." Liquid replied. He wanted to send a message to the U.S. government by gaining control of the nuclear arms on the island, but if the infection in Nome was allowed to spread, there wouldn't be a U.S. left to send a message to. Besides, he could always take some blood samples of these creatures and use them himself if Shadow Moses fails...

They started walking on until they heard an incessant crying of a woman that grew louder as they walked on. They stopped for a moment to try to see whatever was making the noise. "Could it be a survivor?" Asked Ocelot, who was freezing at this point because of the holes in his clothing. "If it is, we are saving her from this Hell." Raven told them, and with that he walked forward, keeping wary of any traps laid by the infected bastards. Just as he saw a pair of red eyes through the snow, a long necked prostitute jumped off a building and landed in front of the red eyes.

"It's the Spitter!" Yelled Liquid, who raised his FAMAS and fired away. The Spitter died quickly, but a stray bullet hit the arm of the sitting Witch as the crying was replaced by a earshattering screech as the witch sprinted towards Liquid, who tried to reload his weapon as Ocelot fired at her with little success. She nearly cut him down as Raven grabbed her hair and pulled her back. He went to break her neck, but she stabbed him in the stomach with her claws as he did. She fell to the ground lifeless as Raven fell to his knees with his intestines pouring out of his stomach. Ocelot and Liquid ran up to him, but he was already unconcious from the blood loss by the time they got there. There was nothing more they could do for him, they simply dug him a shallow grave in the snow and started running, trying to get to the boat as fast as possible now that the one who was described by many as "unkillable" was dead.


They ran until they could hear the ravaging waters of the Bering strait, at which point Ocelot needed to catch his breath. The running had helped keep his body warm, but his age was getting in the way now, and they both slowed down to a walk as he tried to regain his composure. The port was very close now, and they hadn't heard any of the horrible noises in a few minutes, so they were feeling confident that they would make it there without further incedent. They did not let down their guard, however, as they had both been in much calmer situations than this that turned to hell in seconds. They heard the Hunter's scream again, but knew that he would dare attack them while they both stood ready, so they simply kept their guard and kept moving. The ground then began to shake. A car flew across their vision and into the harbor, and they turned to see a creature even larger than the Charger bearing down upon them with a frighteningly inhuman run.

The Hunter looked on from the top of a building as they started firing at the Tank. He didn't dare try to attack them, as he's seen that Tank kill other infected with no problem whatsoever. The humans backed away as they shot at him, creating more disatnce between them and their destination at the port. The Hunter jumped across the buildings to keep an eye on their struggle as they both ran down an alleyway. One of them hadn't fired his gun in a long time, it seemed that he couldn't reload while running so much. The other was continually pouring lead into the Tank, who continued through the bullets unfazed, swinging his giant arms at them whenever he got within reaching distance, only to have them duck and continue running. Once they got to the end of the alleyway they split up. 'Bad move,' the Hunter thought to himself, as the Tank turned towards the one who was still reloading. The other stodd and fired into the Tanks back, who was getting slower now after taking a couple hundred rounds everywhere. The Tank swung at the old man, who rolled under the legs of the Tank, but seemed to have hurt his back while doing it, as he couldn't get back up. The Hunter growled approvingly as the Tank smashed the man into the ground, undoubtably killing him. The Tank then continued smashing the dead body of the man, which let the other man eventually kill him with enough rounds. The Hunter was not worried about this, as there was only one man left, and he screamed with joy as he leaped away from the scene to wait.

Liquid did not go back for the body of Ocelot. He simply turned and ran in a fear that consumed his mind. He was all alone now, there was nothing stopping another one of those giant things to come and kill him the same way. The monsterous appearance of the brute resonated in his mind, he thought of nothing else as he sprinted as fast as he could towards the boat. His fear reached it's peak as he heard the telltale yelp of the Hunter who he had forgotten about. A scream from behind him allowed him to finally meet this beast head on, as he spun around and kicked the leaping bastard out of the air.

He tried firing his rifle, but found that it was out of ammo. He looked for another clip, but remembered that he used the last of it on the Tank to make sure it was dead. He dropped the gun as the Hunter made a second leap at him. This time he ducked under the attack, quickly running at him after he had landed. The Hunter leaped at him a third time, but Liquid was already jumping at him in midair, causing them to collide. The Hunter landed on top of him, and started tearing him up, when Liquid elbowed him off. The Hunter flipped over and was about to take yet another leap, but Liquid was already on his feet and kicked him in the back of the head, knocking him to the ground. He jumped up and came down at the Hunter's head with his knee, when it rolled out of the way as Liquid landed directly on the ground full force, shattering his knee.

The Hunter saw this and leaped on top of him, but was again elbowed off. The Hunter was frustrated by his resilience, and decided to kill him a different way. He jumped away and climbed the highest building within range of the crippled man. He then took a gigantic leap off of the building at the man. Liquid removed his combat knife and stabbed at the Hunter as he hit his body, but the force of the blow broke most of his ribs and punctured them into his lungs. He gasped for breath as the Hunter tore him to shreds, not stopping until he had pulled out his heart and eaten it. The Hunter screamed victoriously as he jumped away and up the building, ready to kill the men that would come looking for them eventually.

Winner: Special Infected!


The special infected were simply too much for the elite team, their numbers certainly helped, but what really killed FOXHOUND was the ability of the Infected to have one or two of them die without losing an intregal part of the team. Every member of FOXHOUND was needed to keep the infected away, and when one or two of them died, the others would have been at a severe disadvantage to the infected. The Tank also may have helped a bit.

Scoring: (I have no idea how to make a chart without Microsoft Office, so bear with me)

The Infected: (Their scores are so low because most of them are awful outside of ambushes)

The Boomer- 4 Points- His ability to summon a horde common infected is great, but he is simply too frail.

The Smoker- 5 points- His attacks are generally avoidable, and he is easily spotted, but he also doesn't need to put himself in harms way to attack, which means he can get multiple shots at them in.

The Hunter- 5 Points- There is no one better suited to kill a single person, but when there is more than one of them, he isn't well suited for even hurting them without being part of an ambush. He is extremely fast and quiet though, so he deserves some merit.

The Spitter- 4 Points- Her attacks can be absolutely devestating to a single person if it hits, but it is an unreliable projectile that tells everyone exaclty where she is hiding. She is well suited for hit and run attacks, but it may not hit very often. They can also jump over a pool of acid on the ground, or just go around it.

The Jockey- 5 Points- His increased damage resistance and ability to take someone away while inducing friendly fire situations means he can be quite useful. He is very noticeable with his laughing though, so he can only be effective during an ambush, or else they will kill him before he gets a chance to do anything.

The Charger- 7 Points- His giant size, speed, and crushing ability means he is great to start an ambush. If they all dodge his attack though, he is very dead, and that isn't so hard to do with his extremely loud whooping as he begins his charge. Still, almost always a one hit kill, and even if he puts himself in harms way, he's a damage sponge, so he's very hard to kill.

The Witch- 6 Points- Her one hit kill and extreme speed combined with her relatively subtle appearance means she can be a major contender. Unfortunately, they don;t have to fight her all the time, and can simply go around her once they find out that she's not human, so she's not that good.

The Tank- 9 Points- The only problem with this guy is that he isn't that fast, but his unbelievable strength and near invincibility means he is extremely detrimantal to anyone.

Overall: 45 Points


Revolver Ocelot- 8 Points- You may think that his revolver would be useless compared to the other weapons, but Ocelot's experience, training, and skill means that he is an excellent addition to the team. Besides, it only takes one shot to the head to kill most of the infected.

Sniper Wolf- 7 Points- Her skill with the sniper rifle is unmatched by everyone this side of Simo Hayha, but her inexperience and exclusiveness in only sniping keeps her from being as effective as the others.

Vulcan Raven- 9 Points- His Vulcan cannon can be easily disabled by Boomer bile. That and his slow speed while weilding the weapon is what stops him from being perfect. It can render a Tank useless, which can be the difference between winning and losing in many cases, and even without his weapon, he is unbelievably strong and can kill most of the Infected with his bare hands.

Psycho Mantis- 8 Points- His psychic powers are amazing, and against human enemies he is an easy 10 because of his ability to kill them without even seeing them. Against these crazy infected things though, it's not going to be as useful, as their minds are uncontrollable. His flight and kinesis are very nice to have, but won't do much against a Tank or Charger, so he isn't really that effective in this situation.

Liquid Snake- 10 Points- He's the perfect soldier, using a weapon that suits any situation that could arise. Without the weapon, he is still extremely deadly, and yes he does have a combat knife, he just prefers to fight hand to hand, so he rarely uses it. His abilities in combat are unmatched by everyone on earth other than his father and brother, meaning he can kill anyone, giant infected included.

Overall: 42 Points

All done. Tell me what you thought of it.