Tara Reid Loves Bikinis

May 21, 2008


The American Pie star is now more famous for getting drunk and exposing her self. She’s also had a ton of plastic surgery, some of which sadly left her deformed. But like a lot celebrities, Tara Reid has found inner strength and is bouncing back. In recent months she has been photographed pool side looking pretty fine in a series of bikinis. This brings us to another chapter of Spike’s Bikini Poll.

Which Bikini Do You Like Better?

Bikini #1


Tara looks trim and taut in this red number. There are no signs of the strange stomach deformity she had going on a while back.

 Bikini #2


Tara looks pretty busty here as she exits the surf. It's good to know she has her own built in floatation device. What's up with all the bracelets she's wearing?

Bikini #3


Tara like to reach for the skies and show off her investment. Again she is wearing the weird bracelets

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