Mafia vs Medellin Cartel

August 8, 2010

MAFIA --- Tommy Gun, M1918 BAR, Molotov Cocktal, Bat.

CARTEL --- Mini Uzi, M-60, Car Bomb, Machete.

EDGE --- Tommy for longer range and larger drum. M1918 BAR for less jams and easily portable. Car Bomb for larger explosion. Machete for slicing lethality.

A 1928 Cadillac drives up to a Colombian building with Colombian music playing. While five gangsters get out of the Cadillac, one lights a mollotov cocktail and throws it through a window. Inside, one of the enemies catch on fire and dies a painful death. MAFIA = 5. CARTEL = 4.

The remaining four Colombian's scurry around. Three go down a coroudor, one hinds behind the door. The door knob starts jiggling. It finaly opens, letting only three mobsters walk in. The two other Sicilian's sneak around the outside walls of the building. The Cartel behind the door brings out his machete and slits the throat of the last Sicilian. Sneaking up behind the next gangster, he heard the commotion behind him, and shoots him with the thompson. M = 4. C = 3.

Meanwhile, a Cartel plants a car bomb on the Cadillac and hides behind a dumpster far enough away to not get blown up. Back inside, The two Mafia gangsters get ambushed from a Cartel hiding behind a stack of boxes. One is killed, the other injured, pretending he's dead. M = 3. C = 3.

The Cartel walks inside a room. The mobster gets up, lights another cocktail, and tosses it in the room. He meets up with a fellow Sicilian. They find a door, leading outside. One gets shot down by another Cartel. The last Mafia member that was searching the outsides of the building sneaks up behind the Cartel and beats him with the bat and dies. M = 2. C = 1.

The two last Mafia members split up. One passes the dumpster that the last Cartel is hiding behind. The Sicilian sees his car and runs toward it for more ammo for his BAR. He opens the trunk seeing ammo, a Tommy, another BAR, two bats, a molotov, and a BOMB?!?! The Cartel detonates it. BOOM!!! M = 1. C = 1.

Hearing the explosion, the last gangster turns around and sprays down the dumpster. One of the bullets gashes him. He utters a "grrrr..." He then picks up his baseball bat and beats the bloody pulp out of him. M = 1. C = 0.

MAFIA --- 517.

Tommy --- 229.

BAR --- 183.

Molotov --- 57.

Bat --- 46.


Uzi --- 201.

M-60 --- 172.

Car Bomb --- 64.

Machete --- 46.