Lindsay Lohan Facing Arrest

March 14, 2009

Lindsay Lohan is in hot water again after it was revealed today that the actress has been ordered to turn herself in to the police in Beverly Hills, California.

Source: Jean Baptiste Lacroix/WireImage/Getty Images

Though police haven't revealed why the 22-year-old actress is facing arrest, a warrant was issued on Friday by a Los Angeles Superior Court Judge. Beverly Hills Police Sgt. Mike Foxen has publicly implored the actress to "turn herself in."

Lohan has been relatively free from the public's scrutiny since a whirlwind series of arrests in 2007, including a conviction for a DUI and a separate cocaine possession charge. She is currently on three years probation for her offenses.

Lohan's publicist and manager have yet to comment on the arrest warrant, but we're hoping she doesn't turn herself in. Let's face it, her lesbian romance with Samantha Ronson is rather dull at this point, and it's been far, far too long since the last time we heard anything interesting coming from the Lohan camp.

So, Lindsay, if you're reading this, please do us all a favor and ignore the police. You still have some money in the bank and could clearly hide out in New York or Miami for a while. Why stop after a simple arrest warrant when you could be exciting the public by evading arrest or, better yet, fleeing the country? It would be the coolest thing you've done in a long time.

Luckily for the rest of us, even if the cops nab you, your subsequent trial will be the celebrity event of the summer.

Who's making the popcorn?

UPDATE: The warrant has been recalled and Lohan is no longer facing arrest. It's being reported that the warrant was issued because of a "misunderstanding" between the court and the alcohol-education program the actress had been ordered to attend.

Well, that was anti-climactic.