Story about Reporter Sleeping with Pro Athlete Doesn't Have Fairytale Ending

October 15, 2010

So, you’re an attractive young broadcaster looking to make a name for yourself. Naturally, you assume that sleeping with a local sports star will help your cause. Not so fast!

In Chicago, Jenn Patterson – a buxom blonde who loves long walks on the beach and mediocre hockey players – had her ambitious little heart crushed recently when she was fired after her relationship with Chicago Blackhawks defenseman Nick Boynton became public.

After months of rumors and internet gossip site postings, Patterson and Boynton made their relationship public earlier this week. Today, she is no longer employed.

While it’s not against the rules to dip your pen in the arena ink, romantic dealings between athletes and media members are frowned upon. (Just ask Chris Pronger.)

Neither Patterson nor the station has confirmed that she lost her job because of the relationship, but no official denial has been made either.

The Blackhawks were unavailable for comment, but had to be relieved that a defenseman other than Brian Campbell was bringing down their franchise.

Photo: Chicago Tribune