The Big Picture according to Brotherap

August 27, 2010

OJ Simpson continues to remain a news phenomena , the psychic impact of this once magnificent black man has left an indelible stain on the minds of millions of his former white sports worshipers in America that can't be denied, as well as those in a few other areas of the world, i.e England, Canada, and Australia.  Most of his denunciation has occurred as a result of a lazy news media who appeared more than satisfied to stand in the center of a lynch mob and fan the flames of their passion based upon little, if any due diligence, and gobs of corrupted evidence. They gave no thought to examining any of this allegedly indisputable evidence even given the poor track record in Southern California for this type of judicial malfeasance promulgated by various law enforcement agencies.  You would think that they would have been a bit more skeptical of what was being placed in their hands but they weren't, instead the were preoccupied with delivering a titillating story no matter how inaccurate it would turn out to be.  The lure of the advertising dollar played a major role along with the pecuniary benefits of notoriety in promulgating these tabloid stories daily to the public.  In the end it is always a relatively minor thing that turns into a major thing to cause something like this case against Simpson to unravel like a cheaply made suit.  How many fingers will it take the suppressors of exculpatory evidence to stick in the many holes of this continuously leaking dike?  The issue of Simpson's complete innocence began to unfold about a decade ago when a medical investigative team began to extend their work beyond an independent examination of the autopsy reports on the two deceased victims.  It led to them examining alleged commute times on the I-405 freeway for Simpson's in-laws that claimed initially to arriving at their home, approximately 90 minutes away from the Brentwood restaurant where they last dined with their daughter Nicole, by 11 PM.  Within a week they changed their story of the last interaction by phone occurring instead at 9:37PM.  Consider that they departed the restaurant at times that initially ranged from 9:00 pm back to 8:45 pm and subsequently back further to 8:30.  After Simpson, who was spurred on by his investigators, went to court to reproduce those records removed from from his criminal case file by one of the prosecutors of his case, things began to change.  Highway documents that the investigators had sought for several previous years all of a sudden wound up on their desk, courtesy of California Department of Transportation traffic engineers.  The data indicated extraordinarily high traffic volume and density for large stretches up to ten miles that would have reduced the Browns speed to below 30 MPH.  Since the Brown family lived approximate 70 miles from the restaurant it would have required that the difference between 70 and 30 MPH be added on top of 70 MPH in order to arrive their within an hour.  In order to maintain the speedometer rating of 70 miles in order to travel the 70 Mile distance the Brown family would have been required to add 40 MPH on top of 70 MPH or 110 MPH for an equal distance.  That would have at least required them to compensate at that high rate of speed for the 8 mile distance between Wilshire Boulevard and the Latijera Boulevard exit where over this distance the speeds averaged less than 30 MPH.  The highway data indicates traffic volumes which rival closely those of peak traffic hours during the normal work week.  This was most unusual even for the perennially congested I-405.  Since these crucial telephone records were deprived of the juries examination by slick lawyer maneuvering by agreeing to stipulate to a fact of what the time allegedly was, this saved the lawyers from the threat of not having a celebrity trial.  Lawyers gain power, notoriety, sign big book deals, and make money with celebrity show trials so god forbid that they couldn't have one.  It is this level of legal chicanery that cries out for a more thorough examination of all of the evidence again in what the media artificially dubbed as the "Trial of the Century".  So let's have another look.,,,,,OJ Simpson being squeezed by two serpents