Winners, Interviews and More!

August 21, 2010
Our boys in Spiral Trance recently WON in the MakeAStar video competition, for "The Me You See"...and MakeAStar recently conducted an interview with lead vocalist of Spiral Trance, Paul Karcz to talk about that's pretty cool and you can check it out right here: 

If you haven't checked them out yet, 3 Kisses have a new kick-ass CD available called "Lethal Love Addiction (Batteries not included)" You can check it out here:

And don't forget to tune in to our very own 'The Big Rock Show', which features interviews, new music and much more each Thursday at 12pm EST with our good friends over at Outbound can catch the show here: on the *Headbanger Mix*, or you can catch any past shows right here:

That's it for today folks, enjoy the rest of your week and thanks for all your continued support :)