An Auction With A Warrior Princess

August 19, 2012
The beautiful city of Thousand Oaks, CA, may as well be called "Thousand Collectibles," because this week Ton and Allen uncovered some of the absolute best finds they've ever seen anywhere. The question is, however, was it an easy journey for our heroes? Let's find out:


Sold For: $3,000

In the "Sporting Goods Unit," things started heating up when the Auction Hunters found a flamethrower – correction, mock flame thrower. But just because this thing wasn't 100% real doesn't mean Ton and Allen weren't going to go fishing for buyers. They decided to meet with Jeff, a pyrotechnician and special effects wiz who could definitely tell the boys if their find was a blockbuster of flop. Alright, so maybe this thing was more Hollywood than it was military, but it definitely was sizzling with value, because Ton and Allen swapped it for $3,000 in cash.

What an explosive adventure for the Auction Hunters this week! A bow and arrow set from the Amazon that any collector would want hung on his wall, and a scorching hot flamethrower that put a smile on Ton and Allen's faces. The boys spent only $1,050 on the two storage units at the auction, sold their items for $9,130 and peeled out of Thousand Oaks $7,630 richer.

After all this talk about flamethrowers, you must be wondering if Ton or Allen got to put this badboy to use. Let's just say there a fiery inferno was unleashed upon a dummy prop in Thousand Oaks that day. Watch this week's latest episode, "Ton's Hot Commodity", now available on for viewing. Check out the Auction Hunters Facebook page for all the latest news and updates and join in on the Facebook matchups to show off your appraisal skills. Of course, Ton and Allen have more stories to tell, so always tune in to all-new episodes of Auction Hunters airing Wednesdays at 10/9c on SPIKE.