Chuck Liddell Naked Workout Video | Reebok Gone Viral

March 8, 2010

So I felt it was necessary to jump on the wagon and talk about the "leaked" Chuck Liddell naked workout video which features himself and his girlfriend, Heidi Northcott a former Playboy model, working out naked in what appeared to be their basement. Chuck appeared to be hitting the circuit training, cycling between pull ups and machine-assisted squats, while his girlfriend, Heidi Northcott kept a steady pace on the elliptical machine. Check out the video below.

There is no doubt this naked workout video was staged and put on by Reebok. Let's dissect this thing by starting with Heidi Northcott. Ask any girl why they wear a sports bra while working out and you should be convinced why this video is set-up. If that isn't enough evidence (or if you don't know any girls to ask, which is unfortunate) then think about this - who stares dead a head while on an elliptical machine? No thought to turn and talk to her boyfriend or fix her hair, perhaps check herself out in the mirror? Then what about Mr. urge to glance over to his right while performing his squats? Does he not have any peripheral vision - couldn't he feel someone watching him through the window? If you were this paparazzi / crazed fan...wouldn't you want to release the fully nude video after you just risked getting your ass beaten by a naked Chuck "The Iceman" Liddell?  Then there is the obvious point that the Reebok shoes were visible in nearly every frame of that workout video.

Reebok Gone Viral with their Liddell Naked Workout Video

So what have we learned? Reebok makes an amazing viral video & could give Girls Gone Wild a run for their money. I mean we are all writing about this, and you are reading it - right? A Google search for "Chuck Liddell Naked Video" already yields 57,000 results. Nearly every MMA blog and content site has ran an article and even the larger content sites have gotten in on the action - CBS, HuffingtonPost, TMZ, New York Daily News, The Jimmy Kimmel Show, Yahoo! Sports,, etc, etc.

Why the Chuck Liddell Naked Workout Video is an Instant Viral Classic

  • It's short - making it easy to share & watch over and over again;
  • It stirred debate / controversial - is this video fake or is this legit? Is it a viral attempt by Reebok? etc. etc.
  • It doesn't feel like an ad;
  • The video is shocking - can't say I thought I'd see Chuck Liddell naked when I woke up this morning;
  • It had a fake header - "Chuck Liddell Naked Workout Leaked";
  • The video obviously appeals to sex & naked people;
  • The "naked workout video" reached the bloggers & industry influencers quickly
  • Lastly, the video featured an MMA legend, and a hot chick...naked...working out...can't get much more viral than that!

So kudos to you Reebok. Not sure if this will get people to buy your shoes, or even attract a new market, but you got our attention!