UFC® 53: Parisyan vs. Serra

April 29, 2009

Matchup: Karo Parisyan (21-3-0) vs. Matt Serra (13-3-0)

Date: June 04, 2005

Location: Atlantic City, New Jersey

Recap: Seconds into this UFC® 53 bout Serra sent Parisyan face-first to the canvas with a stiff right hand to the head. Parisyan gamely held on as Serra opened up with both hands, and once his head cleared he started throwing back as Serra continued to land with his underrated strikes. The second and third rounds couldn┬┐t possibly match the pace of the opening five minutes, and at this tempo Parisyan excelled, using judo throws and fierce elbows at close range to punish his foe.

Outcome: Parisyan by Unanimous Decision