Modern Round; Match 3: SWAT vs IRA

December 4, 2010


Remington 700 Sniper Rifle.


Benelli M4.

Taser Shockwave.


H&K G3 Sniper Rifle.

AR-15 Armalite.

Webley Revolver.

Nail Bomb.


Remington vs H&K. Edge = Remington.

The Remington 700 has longer range and greater accuracy. And according to Wikipedia, it's really a rifle with a scope. Geoff was right on the Back for Blood episode.

LWRC-PSD vs AR-15. Edge = AR-15.

With a slight edge, the AR-15 took an edge for accuracy.

Benelli vs Webley. Edge = Benelli.

The Benelli has longer range, stopping power, and is faster. The Webley needs the hammer pulled back constantly after a shot, and it doesn't carry as much bullets.

Taser Shockwave vs Nail Bomb. Edge = Nail Bomb.

Although I agree the Taser is cool to stop someone, the Nail Bomb has great shrapnel that will take out anybody, and if the nails don't pass the kavlar, the force can kill too.


A group of IRA are planning for a new attack to take out the British, when there's a loud knocking at the door, followed by a SWAT operative ordering, "SWAT Team! Come out with your hands up!" A sniper looked outside. He aimed, and fired. It hit a SWAT in the head, and with that, the SWAT leader kicked open the door, and there was a thundering of footsteps.

SWAT: 5. IRA: 6.

The IRA split up, but the sniper went to the top level, to see if anymore are coming. When he got to another window, however, another SWAT sniper got him.

The SWAT picked up his sniper and switched with his benelli. He ran behind the warehouse, and kicked open the door, but made sure he was out of shooting sight. Good thing, too, as bullets hit the door as it was kicked open. The SWAT shot back, and another IRA was hit in the heart.

SWAT: 5. IRA: 4.

As the SWAT with the benelli ran in, he started breaching, as he knew his other comrades were doing. He soon found himself in a locker room, where footprints painted with blood lined it. There was obviously an IRA who was shot, but made it in here. Eventually, the blood prints led into a locker. The SWAT thought he was in there, so he kicked it open and shot, but nobody was in there. Then a beep noise at the foot of the locker came, and nails blasted out.

When the SWAT's body fell to the ground, the IRA who was previously shot came around the corner and to make sure he was dead, he pulled out his webley and shot the SWAT in the head.

The wounded IRA walked out of the locker room, where two SWAT came out. He quickly shot one in the head again.

SWAT: 3. IRA: 4.

The other SWAT shot, killing the IRA.

Elsewhere in the building, another IRA was in the middle of shooting another SWAT, where the IRA shot just into the kavlar of the SWAT. The SWAT shot back, and the IRA went down with a head shot.

SWAT: 3. IRA: 2.

What's left of the IRA run downstairs into a boiler room. When the SWAT came down, they shot, and a bullet pierced the boiler, spewing searing steam into one of the SWAT. He jumps down from burns, but dies.

The last two SWAT shot, and one of the IRA were hit several times in the chest. The last one ran, shot back, but he was hit in the leg. He tripped, but rolled away. He got behind a table, but when he did he faced a taser shockwave. It exposed all the tasers and fired. Most missed, but three went in the IRA. One in his eye, and two in his neck. He was dead from both the pierce, and the following electricity.

SWAT: 2. IRA: 0.

SWAT: 649.

Remington: 125.

LWRC-PSD: 368. 

Benelli M4: 154.

Taser Shockwave: 2.

IRA: 351.

H&K G3: 112.

AR-15: 138.

Webley: 47.

Nail Bomb: 54.