Children of the 80's, Beware: Top Gun 2 a Possibility

July 21, 2008


There are whispers in the wind of a possible sequel to Top Gun. That’s right, people. Top Gun 2 has become a reality – well, it has become possible that it might be a reality. Yes, Tom Cruise would star in it. And rumor has it that Maverick would now be a flight instructor saddled with an unruly female pilot. Give me a second, I have to go and gag myself, lest that noxious poison saturate my soul. I mean, come on. The only way in hell this could turn out to be awesome would be if both Ice Man and Slider also came back – and Maverick got to tell Slider that he stinks. Again. If and only if that happened would there be potential for renewed awesomeness with this idea. I’m going to put 100 million dollars on that not happening.  So, for the time being, I’ll just sit back and wait to see if the Scientologist Commander in Chief chooses to get back in the stirrups again.