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April 30, 2009

Matt Sorum thinks Axl Rose should use another band name, a couple gets frisky in the Queen’s backyard, and the most ridiculous movie ever made is's the Mantenna!

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Britney Spears Needs a Stripper Pole

Britney Spears loves the stripper pole. She loves it so much that she is demanding one is installed in her hotel room when she tours London with her Circus show. According to Splash, pole dancing is Britney’s favorite new workout, and it is said that she likes to do her pole dancing workout every morning when she gets up. Sounds like the perfect way to start the day. [Splash]

Couple Gets Frisky in Queen’s Backyard

A couple has been caught having sex in the garden of Windsor Castle, the home of Queen Elizabeth II.  The couple had been dining at a nearby restaurant and decided to sneak into the Queen’s backyard for some steamy dessert. Eyewitness Mark Robinson said, "The couple did not care who was looking and just kept going as if they were in their own bedroom." Japanese tourists filmed the x-rated shenanigans and the couple did not stop until police arrived. The Queen was in the residence at the time, but it is unknown whether she was aware of what was happening. [AOL]

Most Ridiculous Movie Ever Made is Unearthed

And, even weirder, it stars Gary Oldman! A trailer for the 2003 film Tiptoes has somehow resurfaced onto the interwebs only to confound everyone who’s watched it. Just how in the hell this film actually got made boggles any rational person’s mental faculties. The movie is about the relationship between Steven (Matthew McConaughey) and Carol (Kate Beckinsale), and the comic chaos that ensues when Steven breaks the news to his beloved that his brother, parents, and entire extended family are dwarves. Gary Oldman plays McConaughey’s dwarf brother. It would be a big enough stretch casting Oldman and McConaughey as brothers to begin with, but the fact that Oldman would believe it was a good career move to spend two hours walking on his knees is dumbfounding. And because every terrible film deserves a hilariously horrible trailer, that, too, has resurfaced. Watch it and enjoy the insanity that ensues. [Cinematical]

Matt Sorum Thinks “Axl Should Use Another Name”


Source: Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images

Former GNR drummer Matt Sorum has recently blasted Axl Rose for touring under the name Guns N' Roses, insisting he should follow Sting and Paul McCartney and rename the group or go solo. Sorum feels that the GNR name should only feature on tour tickets and albums when Rose is surrounded by his original members, including his Velvet Revolver bandmates Duff McKagan and Slash. He told, "I'm not saying I'm an original member, but I understand the core of the band is Slash and Duff and probably Izzy (Stradlin).This goes back to a Paul McCartney thing. Does he call himself The Beatles? Does Sting call himself The Police? No.” The guy makes a good point. [Contact Music]

Coldplay Giving Away Latest Live Album Because of Recession

LeftRightLeftRightLeft, Coldplay's upcoming live album recorded during their 2009 tour, is going to be completely free online beginning this May 15th. Coldplay is saying that they are doing this as a thank you to fans in this time of economic recession. How sweet of them. It must be so hard to be a millionaire. Check the band's tour dates at their web site, and go there on May 15th to get the album. [Coldplay]

Looking for Better Fuel Economy? Buy a GPS

A recent survey conducted by research firm NuStats and funded by GPS-maker NAVTEQ found that drivers equipped with in-car navigation units use 12% less fuel than their non-guided counterparts. The study focused on three groups of drivers in Germany. The first used no GPS at all, the second had a basic GPS, and the third had a GPS unit that included traffic information. None of the participants had previously owned navigation units. Once the participating drivers that had been given GPS units got used to relying on the computer's directions, some interesting results were observed. Drivers with navigation units ended up driving shorter distances and spent less time behind the wheel. [Jalopnik]

Swedish Pirate Party Expected to Win (Not Plunder) a Seat in E.U. Parliament

The guilty verdict handed down to the Pirate Bay leaders has resulted in a huge amount of publicity and popularity for the Pirate Party, regardless of the fact that the two are not officially related. Membership has shot up to a record 42,000+, and a recent poll to check out the frontrunners in the E.U. election showed even rosier numbers. The Pirate Party is now the second-most popular party for voters 18-30, and Swedish newspaper predicts a vote of 5.1% in the election, which will be enough for a seat in Parliament. Sure, it's a minority vote (and that's being generous), but a pirate can surely stand his ground. [Torrent Freak]

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