Cossack vs Landsknecht

January 26, 2011

Beginning Analysis: What happens when a whirling dervish from Russia takes on a medieval mercenary from Germany? Read on to see!?


(A tribute to RussiasFury. Enjoy)



Short Range: Shashka Saber

Medium Range: Bardiche Poleaxe 

Long Range: Hand Cannon

Special: Kindjal Curved Sword



Short Range: Zweihander Broadsword

Medium Range: Halberd

Long Range: Steel Crossbow

Special: Warhammer


Who Got the Edge


Shashka vs Zweihander: The Zweihander gets the edge. The weapon was a two-hander sword, with a blade reaching to about 6 feet. Because of the length, this weapon will get kills before the Cossack can close the distance and attack with his Shashka.


Bardiche vs Halberd: Both polearms get the edge. They're right around the same length, and while the Bardiche doesn't have the Halberd's versitility, it compensates by having a high chance to sever limbs.


Steel Crossbow vs Hand Cannon: The Hand Cannon gets the edge. While the crossbow has a greater range than the Hand Cannon, and the cannon has a longer reload time than the crossbow, the versitility of the cannon allows it to shoot as well as bludgeon. On top of that, the cannon will most likely go through the armor that the Landsknect is wearing (usually some kind of mail or plate).


Kindjal vs Warhammer: The Warhammer gets the edge. If the Landsknecht is wearing ring or chainmail (sometimes platemail), then the Kindjal has a reduced chance of cutting through the armor. On the other hand, the Warhammer will break through the Cossack's armor, typically a form of ring or chainmail.



Ivan the Cossack arrived in the remote village of Stugov after a day long trip. Back at his home, his food supply had dwindled due to freezing winds, and he needed some new clothes. Immediately, he put his horse in a stable for little money, then headed out to accomplish his tasks.


Ivan was wearing his chainmail, and was carrying his Shashka & Kindjal swords with him. He was dressed to fight for a good reason. He had been hearing tales of an armored figure wandering the local countryside, picking fights with some of the locals. He was armed just to be on the safe side, and was hoping that he wouldn't be next. He put that thought in the back of his mind, as he was looking to get home quickly before a storm arrived.


A half hour later, and Ivan carried two sacks on his back. Both were filled with the freshest foods & clothes that the village had to offer. He got back to his beloved horse, and patted him on the head. He was glad that he brought along his prized Hand Cannon, just in case he needed it. He tied the two sacks to his horse's saddle, paid the stablemaster, then headed out.


He just got out of the town, when he noticed some armored figure coming down on the path. Ivan stopped just past the two town guards, and watched this person. An old man happened to be passing this individual, but was stopped when the figure placed what looked like a Halberd in front of the man. This was something that Ivan wouldn't stand for.


He suddenly grasped the Bardiche that the guard to his left was holding, and rode towards the armored figure. By this stage, the figure was off of his horse, and was beginning to bully the old man. Ivan rode towards the figure, and yelled at the old man to duck out of the way. The old man promptly pushed the armored figure, and ducked out of the way. Unfortunately for Ivan, the armored figure grabbed the Bardiche, and pulled him right off of his horse. After seeing this, the old man immediately ran back into the safety of the town.


Ivan was stunned after the toss up. He was still holding onto the Bardiche, and raised it up when the armored figure swung his Halberd at him. The blade met the handle, and broke it half. The armored figure swung at him again, but Ivan managed to roll out of the way, then kicked the Halberd out of the armored figure's hand.


Ivan got back up onto his feet. The armored figure was surprised at the actions of this man, who managed to knock a weapon out of his hands. This travesty would not go unanswered. He went over to his horse, and picked up a Steel Crossbow. Seeing an opening, Ivan drew his Shashka Sabre, and proceeded towards the armored figure. When he got close, the armored figure suddenly turned around, and fired off his crossbow. The bolt went through Ivan's chainmail, and into his shoulder. The pain was immense, but not so immense that he didn't let go of his blade. As he started pulling on the bolt, the armored figure drew a massive blade from his back, and went straight towards Ivan.


Ivan pulled the bolt out, just as soon as the armored figure was bringing down his sword. He immediately brought up his Shashka, and the attack was blocked. The two then traded blows with one another. At this point, a crowd had begun to form at the edge of Stugov's gate. They watched in awe of the spectacle before them. Both men blocked out the citizens watching them, as they would have distracted them from fighting.


Unfortunately for Ivan, it was a little too late. The armored figure swung his sword at Ivan's Shashka, and managed to break the blade in half. Startled, Ivan tossed the now useless hilt aside, and drew his Kindjal. He then went back to attacking the armored figure, only with more fury this time around. After a minute or so, Ivan managed to get a slash across the armored figure's face. The pain from the attack forced the armored figure to drop his sword, and reach for his Warhammer.


The armored figure then lepth towards Ivan, in what was perhaps a moment of rage. Ivan quickly ran back to his horse, and attempted to grab the Hand Cannon from the saddle. Just as he was about to pull it out, the armored figure managed to land a blow to Ivan's side. Ivan immediately fell to his knees from the pain, but fortunately knocked the Hand Cannon out of the saddle in the process. The armored figure then knocked Ivan's Kindjal out of his hand. The armored figure paused for a moment then raised his warhammer for a killing blow. All of a sudden, there was a loud bang, and the armored figure suddenly dropped his Warhammer. A hole in his armor indicated that he had been hit by something, and a spike to the head a second later confirmed it.


Cossack: 550

Shashka Sabre: 50

Bardiche Poleaxe: 200

Hand Cannon: 250

Kindjal Curved Sword: 50


Landsknecht: 450

Zwiehander Broadsword: 200

Halberd: 100

Steel Crossbow: 50

Warhammer: 100


Final Examination: The Cossack, with his Bardiche & Hand Cannon, was able to outmanuever the heavily armored Landsknecht.


Strongest Weapon: The Cossack's Hand Cannon, with it's armor-piercing 250, takes the strongest weapon spot of this fight.


Weakest Weapon: Both warriors had weak weapons. The Cossack's Shashka Sabre & Kindjal Curved Sword, as well as the Landsknect's Steel Crossbow, gained 50 kills


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