January 13, 2010
Southern Skies Star Party
I will attend the Southern Skies Star Party in June, 2012. I moved it back. The star party is at Lake Titicaca in Bolivia, South America. It is at a high elevation in the Andes Mountains. It will be winter in Bolivia, and clear skies are a given. I had a plan for going to Chile in the 90s. It never happened, so the Bolivia trip years later compensates. La Paz takes the place of Santiago. I will be with astronomy people the entire week, and that is what I want. While some are losing their minds over the Mayan calendar and fictitious end of the world, I will be in the land of the Incas enjoying the southern constellations, Magellanic Clouds, Coalsack and my favorite star, Achernar! Inca Dinca Doo! You remember Jimmy Durante.