"The Rent is Too Damn High" Candidate Getting Evicted Because His Rent is Too Damn Low

August 5, 2011

The effects of the recession are starting to reach new heights. Even Internet memes are feeling the economic pinch (no, the Dramatic Chipmunk hasn't been spotted at the Plasma Clinic, yet).

Jimmy McMillian, also known as the "Rent is Too Damn High" guy from the New York Governor's race, is being evicted from his ground floor New York City apartment and not because his rent is too damn high. It's quite the opposite. It's too damn low.

McMillian lives in the East Village in a rent-controlled apartment that only costs just under $875 a month and his landlords are trying to kick him out so they can sell his apartment at a much pricier rate. Opposing reports suggest, however, that the landlord is really kicking him out because he isn't using that apartment as his primary residence.

I'm sure he'll be fine as will the rest of us who are suffering in this sluggish economic climate. If, however, McMillan has to sell his facial hair to a Colonel Sanders impersonator for firewood, I'll meet you at Capitol Hill. You bring the coffee and I'll bring the angry, poorly spelled protest signs.

Photo: Pool/Getty Images News/Getty Images