Next Generation Ferrari Supercar Spied!

March 17, 2009

The successor to Ferrari's F430, the current bread-and-butter supercar in the Italian automaker's lineup, is scheduled to be debuted at the Frankfurt Auto Show in September. But because of some intrepid photo ninjas, you can get a glimpse of it right now.


Dubbed the F450, the current assumption is that this car will become the beefier decedent of the F430.


The ninjas also reported back that the F450 will be equipped with a 4.5 liter V8 which is rumored to be more powerful than the F430 Scuderia, and that a good portion of the body panels we're seeing now will actually change since the F430's bodywork is being used as a temporary solution while they refine the mechanical aspects of the new car.


But new features like the huge, centrally-mounted exhaust system, rear air scoops and budging fenders are definitely part of the new car's package. Expect more details in the coming weeks and months leading up to Frankfurt.

Source: Next Autos