Could This be the Future of Air Guitar?

January 7, 2010

I just came across this post on one of my favorite blogs, AriWriter, and thought you might enjoy it. If a wireless system such as the one discussed in the following video were capable of recognizing fine muscle movements, this could facilitate the creation and performance of music in some pretty cool new ways. What are your thoughts?


Wayne Kurtzman shares mind-blowing information that broke last weekend about a patent filed by Microsoft that attempts to use human body muscles to activate electronic equipment.

In other words, imagine you are walking to your car carrying several bags of groceries. If you don’t have a cart and need to open your trunk, you need to lay the bags down to find your keys. What if you could flex a fist and if a certain preprogrammed muscle is activated, the trunk automatically opens? It’s called electromyography and involves using muscles to send electrical impulses to computers.



Right now, we visit websites and use mobile device applications to send status updates to our friends and colleagues. Imagine if the update is sent by, oh, the twitching of an eyebrow? Got any other ideas to use electromyographical advances to improve your personal and corporate lives?

For more information, check out Ari's article, How Electromyography May Change Your Life.

Hope this finds you feeling healthy!