NHL Fans Would Prefer to Keep an "Ugly Woman Only" Policy in the Arena

October 25, 2010

In order to make their game day experience a little more attractive, the Edmonton Oilers have rounded up several gorgeous (by Alberta standards) cheerleaders to entertain fans between plays. Obviously this infuriated the small – yet vocal – “ugly feminist” contingent of the team’s fan base.

Lisi Monro, a 26-year-old Edmonton resident plagued by bitterness and free time, has launched an online petition to ban the Oilers from bringing in a spirit squad.

"This isn't appropriate for a Canadian hockey team to have this kind of entertainment," noted Monro.

So, it’s okay for an American team to have "this kind of entertainment"? Seems like somebody’s banging the double standard drum pretty hard, Lisi.

The Oilers’ job posting does note that they will not discriminate based on appearance or cheerleading ability, as they are simply looking for “athletic girls in good physical condition.” (If you replace the term “athletic girls” with “new paint job” this could be an ad for a used car.)

“The fact that the Oilers have no requirement for experience is even an insult to those people out there who think cheerleading is a sport. If they want mere eye-candy, there is no shortage of that at Rexall as it is,” a male fan who doesn’t want to be distracted by good lookin’ ladies while he’s trying to watch a team that was 20 games below .500 last season.

These people clearly don’t understand that visible g-strings and teenage cleavage is what the sport is all about. It’s old-time, Eddie Shore hockey at its finest.

(Note: Shouldn't the bigger story here be "City of Edmonton Has Attractive Women"?)

Photo: Jim McIsaac/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images