Woman Upset about Being Objectified by NFL Players Now Entertaining Offer from Playboy

September 30, 2010

Having to withstand romantic advances from professional athletes while wearing skinny jeans and a low-cut tank top is a tragedy for women’s rights. Shedding the revealing clothing in order to provide teenage boys and car mechanics around America with pin-up spank bank material? Now that’s just heroic feminism.

Several weeks after Mexican television reporter Ines Sainz cried foul after some mildly aggressive flirting by Rex Ryan’s ragtag bunch of football misfits, the sexy broadcaster is now considering an offer to pose for Playboy:

Sources involved in the negotiations confirm Hugh Hefner's people reached out with a "pretty big offer" involving a huge payday and the cover -- as long as the Mexican reporter strips down to her traje de cumpleaños.

Though Sainz’s contract prohibits her from using her sexuality to attract readers/viewers by going full monty for rival media outlets, the offer is reportedly still on the table and being considered.

(Fun note: Posing nude is how Barbra Walters and Walter Cronkite both got their starts in journalism, so this could be a great twist in Sainz’s “please take me seriously” campaign that she launched while measuring Matt Leinart’s biceps at the 2009 Super Bowl.)

Photo: Victor Chavez/WireImage/Getty Images