Nazi SS vs Taliban

October 16, 2010

Beginning Assessment: Two of the America's heartless armies meet when Adolf Hitler's troops defeated nation after nation in Europe of World War Two meets the Middle East's speedy shooters. Who. Is. DEADLIEST?

Nazi SS:

Long Range: PPSh-41 (kind of a Tommy Gun)

Medium Range: Luger Shotgun.

Short Range: Mauser C-96.

Special: Flammenwerfer 41.

Explosive: Bouncing Betty.


Long Range: AK-47.

Medium Range: Saiga Shotgun.

Short Range: Skorpion.

Special: RPG-7.

Explosive: PMN Mine.


PPSh-41 vs AK-47. Edge = PPSh-41.

The German PPSh holds 70 rounds in a magazine, which is extremely superior to the 30 in an AK-47.

Luger vs Saiga. Edge = Saiga.

The Saiga Shotgun can shoot semi-automaticaly and has longer range.

Mauser vs Skorpion. Edge = Even.

Even though both are automatic pistols, both aren't very strong in the accuracy factor.

Flammenwerfer vs RPG. Edge = RPG-7.

The Flammenwerfer is a really cool flamethrower because of the tar making the flames stick to anything, but the RPG has a longer range, plus a huge explosion.

Betty vs PMN. Edge = Betty.

Easy. The PMN can only take out one, maybe two, people. Where the Betty could take out three or four. The Betty also has great shrapnel.


In a middle of an Afghanistan building, sort of baron and ratty, six Taliban fighters were going over some plans and were finishing up when one looked out a window and saw half a dozen men in camo jackets in the street.

"Are you sure this is the right place?" One of the camo men snapped to another. The one that was questioned pulled up a map and said, "Positive. After taking over Europe, Adolf sent us to conquer this country called Afghanistan." After hearing, 'conquer Afghanistan,' the Taliban aimed his AK-47 on him.

The gun went off. The Nazi died. The rest scattered. The Taliban ordered the rest to run out the back side. Right as they were leaving, flames ingulfed the building, swallowing up the last one to leave.

Nazi SS: 5. Taliban: 5.

The Taliban were able to keep away from there burning building, and were also capable of running to the top of a large hill. When up there, one of the Taliban loaded his RPG and went in position to shoot. The others walked on and planted a PMN.

After blasting fire from the flammenwerfer into the building where there comrad was shot, the entire Nazi SS ran in the way where they saw some escape. They planted their own mine a bouncing betty, and ran on. The one with the flammenwerfer spotted the RPG shooter and that's when all hell broke loose.

Both flames and the rocket were shot, but the Nazi was just at the right spot he killed the Taliban. But he quickly forgot about the rocket and was blown up. The Nazi's were able to dodge the flames and rocket and soon found themselves in deep trouble.

Nazi SS: 4. Taliban: 4.

The Nazi SS found themselves walking in a trail in a small forest. They looked to the right where they saw a large cave with a snagged piece of Afghan clothing on a branch. The leader brought up his PPSh and shot inside the cave. He didn't hit anyone but the Taliban flushed out and shot back with their skorpions and saiga's and AK's. One of the Nazi fell down, in a bloodied heap, too slow to shoot his luger. The rest shot back and two fell down after being hit by mauser's.

Nazi SS: 3. Taliban: 2.

The rest of the Nazi SS ran out of the forest and they scurried past a hill to get in back in the road so they could go back to Germany. That was the plan anyway. They ran onto the PMN and one of them were blown up. The leader kept running, but the other one was thrown into him by the force of the explosion. Both lived however. They got up as the Taliban got closer and were shooting. The leader just hoped they would step on the bouncing betty. They did.

The two Nazi's looked at where their dead enemies were. The one that stepped on it was cut in half. They looked at the other one, but before they could determine his death, he opened up his eyes and shot the skorpion into the neck of one of the Nazi's. He shot towards the leader, too, but then he realized those were the last of his bullets.

He tried to run for it, but the Nazi grabbed him, pointed his mauser into the Taliban's temple, shot it, and brains splattered. "DEUTSCHLAND!" ("GERMANY!" in German) Roared the victorious leader.

Nazi SS: 1. Taliban: 0.

Nazi SS: 568.

PPSh-41: 241.

Luger: 101.

Mauser: 133.

Flammenwerfer 41: 78.

Bouncing Betty: 15.

Taliban: 432.

AK-47: 153.

Saiga: 82.

Skorpion: 110.

RPG-7: 65.

PMN Mine: 12.

Ending Assessment: The Nazi SS's eliteness and training brought them up on top.

Best Weapon: The PPSh-41 amazingly scored 241 kills with all of its bullets!

Worst Weapon: The PMN Mine only exploded the Nazi SS 12 times.