Angelina Jolie Immortalized in Creepy Breast Feeding Sculpture

August 5, 2009

Wanna see Angelina Jolie’s breasts? The folks of Oklahoma City will get the chance this September when the city officially unveils a bizarre new sculpture showing a naked Angelina breastfeeding her newborn twins.

The sculpture, titled "Landmark for Breastfeeding", shows Angelina Jolie with a baby suckling at each breast. It was inspired by the recent W magazine cover, which was shot by Brad Pitt and captured Jolie breastfeeding her newborn twins.  The sculpture is meant to sit on a park bench.

The work was created by Daniel Edwards, the artist who created the sculpture of Britney Spears on all fours in the midst of childbirth, Oprah Winfrey with her dogs in a Pharaoh-like pose and a naked Paris Hilton with her intestines exposed. By comparisons Angelina’s sculpture is meek.

Edwards hopes the artwork will encourage and raise awareness of breastfeeding. He says, “Hopefully, my sculpture inspires an increase of wetnurses to assist women who have concerns about mastitis, or passing HIV to their infant.” It will be unveiled on September 11th in Pitt’s hometown, Oklahoma City, before traveling to London.

Lucky Oklahoma City!


Source: Splash News