Win An Auction With The Auction Hunters

May 31, 2011
When we say here's your chance to get in on the "auction," we really mean it! Each Tuesday at 10PM/9c airs an all new episode of the hit Spike original series, Auction Hunters, but it's over on eBay that a whole other auction is taking place. Fans now have the unique opportunity to bid on items found by Ton and Allen that are exclusive to Season Two with all the proceeds going to the charity, The Rascal & Chloe Rescue.

The Rascal & Chloe Rescue is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to finding homes for abandoned animals on the streets and in city shelters, physically helping and funding solutions for the problem of pet overpopulation and following through to ensure forever homes for the helpless animals that fall into our paths.

Here's a look at this week's item up for bid . . .

Cattle Skull
Featured on Auction Hunters, Ton used this cattle skull as a 100 yard target for a Winchester 1886 .33 centerfire big game rifle found in a storage container in the "EVERYTHING'S BIGGER IN TEXAS" episode of Season Two.

Past Auctions . . .

Flashlight Used by Allen Haff on Auction Hunters - SOLD

This rechargeable flashlight was used by Allen Haff at countless storage auctions around the country. The halogen bulb casts a 3 million candle power beam visible up to 3 miles, making it ideal for spotting obscured items in storage units.

Sluice Box - SOLD FOR $200

Featured on the "Fire in the Hole" episode of Auction Hunters, Ton and Allen found this goldminers' sluice box in Rancho Cucamonga. As the most cost effective gold recovery device, the box functions by allowing water to pass through, while heaver gold particles fall to the bottom and are caught by the netting.

Fireman's Carry Ax - SOLD FOR $203.61

Featured on Auction Hunters, this Fireman's Carry Axe is made of solid wood and steel with a relatively sharp blade and was a standard on many fire trucks in the 1950s. The item is in excellent and sturdy condition.

Robby the Robot Toy - SOLD FOR $201.09

Ton and Allen found this Robby the Robot reproduction at a storage auction in South Chicago Heights and it appears in the episode, "The Chicago Grandslam." This windup toy walks and sparkles inside its chest and head. It is notable in the Yoshiya Toy Company's history because it was created just as Yoshiya was hitting its stride and became one of their bigger hits allowing them to be competitive in the toy market.

EZ Rider Jacket - SOLD FOR $175!

Featured on Auction Hunters, this particular style of leather jacket was made hugely popular by the 1969 movie Easy Rider. The jacket itself had been around for some time, but only after the movie was released did it go mainstream.

Ft. Lauderdale, Episode Four - Talking Breathalyzer- SOLD FOR $335!

As featured on Auction Hunters, this breathalyzer was invented by an ex-police officer and intended to cut down on the number of accidents caused by drunk drivers. The talking computerized breathalyzer shows the tester their blood alcohol content (BAC) after a quick test for only $0.75. Traditionally found in bars, these aren't admissible by law.

Torrance, Episode Three - Vintage Record Collection- SOLD FOR $101!

These albums were singles (one song per side) and are 45rpm albums. Each side could record roughly 3 minutes and 33 seconds which is why most pop songs are this length. They spin at a faster speed because of the size of the disk, so when playing on a 33 record player the speed must be changed to play these smaller records.

New items will come up for bid each week here. Be certain to check back for updates and follow us on Facebook for more exclusive content. Auction Hunters airs new episodes every Tuesday at 10PM/9c.