New York State Of Mind

March 23, 2010

Yesterday I arrived in NYC. The first thing I did was head over to Nate's place. I brought him a bottle of local wine from Barboursville, VA, but there was no time to enjoy it. I had lined up a couple of apartment viewings and, as soon as I got in, it time to leave to start checking them out. I'm glad that Nate had kindly rearranged his schedule for the day. The NY subway system is decidedly far more sprawling than Boston's and I would have had a difficult time navigating it by myself.



Everything was going well. Nate and I checked out the first place. The weather was great. It was probably around 60 degrees or so. And then suddenly the clouds rolled in and started to rain. Neither of us had brought an umbrella and boy did we get soaked. We walked nearly twenty blocks as the raindrops gathered en mass and, what began as a relatively mild shower, turned into a torrential down poor. After stopping by the last apartment, we sought shelter in a kosher Japanese restaurant. I don't think it was our celebrity that caused everyone in his suit or her evening dress to turn their heads... I'm pretty sure we must have looked like two strays out of Benji the Hunted as we walked through the doors :)

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