Watch This Truck Pull Itself Out of Wreckage on Three Wheels

October 3, 2011

We hear claims about what the toughest car is all the time. In ads, in news articles, on message boards; everybody's got an opinion, and an opinion about everybody else's opinion, that they're more than happy to vent. But rarely do we get objective proof.

In Ford's case, we've got it right here.

This video comes to us with few, if any, identifiers: this truck could have been wrecked by Hurricane Irene, bashed around by the tragedy in Joplin, or any of a number of other disasters. The only things we know for sure is that it's a Ford F-150, it's only got three wheels...and it proves "Built Ford Tough" isn't just a slogan.

What we really want to see is this guy driving it to his mechanic. "Hey, Bob, there was some body damage. Think you can bang out all the dents by Thursday? I've got stuff to do!"

Source: YouTube/xGribzz