Parents Embarrass Children at Little League Game by Getting Into Massive 50-Person Fistfights

August 9, 2011

The goal of Little League for children is to teach sportsmanship, teamwork, physical fitness, and self-respect. The goal of Little League for adults is to root for your children and to tire the little monsters out so you can get some sleep. Also, apparently, to introduce kids to sports riots.

That was the scene in Sharpsburg, Maryland last Thursday as a Little League game turned into a game of "Who can be the biggest racist douchebag in front of fifth-graders?" It started with your typical sportsmanlike behavior of screaming racial slurs and gay slurs at the opposing team because the parents of West End thought the ump was rigging the game. Then it rapidly got out of control, with people shoving each other, parents screaming at the opposing team, and gangs of men surrounding a grandma in her car.

Ultimately, police from four different forces were dispatched to quell the outbreak of soccer hooliganism amongst grown men and women over a baseball game played by grades schoolers. Currently, the game itself is under some dispute, possibly because nobody involved seems to feel any actual shame over their behavior. The children, meanwhile, have all quietly made a pact to never play sports again.

Really, West End and Sharpsburg. Both of you should both be ashamed of themselves. Acting like that in front of children? Really? What are you? Phillies fans?

Photo: SW Productions/Photodisc/Getty Images