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To Be a Kid Again

by MariShapiro   May 20, 2010 at 5:01PM  |  Views: 177

The album is so close to being released, and all of us are very excited. All five of us have a shared common vision of rock and roll conditioned by different backgrounds, so we all add a little different flavor to the THC stew, with influences from bands like The Stooges, MC5, and Led Zeppelin. And it doesn't hurt that Adam and Chris are amazingly talented musicians, either.

Watch for our debut album very soon, around late Spring/early Summer, and if you get a chance to see us live, come say hello. We are looking to play more live shows, but with the Pro Wrestling schedule, it's not easy.

Until next time, Rock and Roll.

Alex Shelley

Comic books. I've only moved once in my life, and that was to Plymouth, Michigan. It was about 15 minutes away from our old house. Looking back at it, I can totally understand why my parents chose to get us out of Redford. We had a mafia style execution murder on my paper route. There was a double homicide at the pizza place on the corner. It was rough, and really, my parents made so many sacrifices to make sure the change was seamless. We still went to the same Catholic school, I still played football for the Redford Rangers (which led to numerous jokes from other teams seeing as Power Rangers were all the range. Rage. I meant rage.) We even kept our same paper route.

Still, at the time, you couldn't have made me a more angry kid, just because I looked at moving away to a nicer area as some sort of defeat. Plus, I didn't have a buncha the friends I had acquired over the years. No more pickup football games or dates with girls riding bikes to Dairy Queen, or water balloon fights, or whatever. Plus, my mom grew up in the same house when she was a little girl with all my aunts and uncles.

Anyway, the saving grace was comic books. See, at my old house, there was a Comics Archives that had cards, toys, posters, movies, and most importantly to me, comics. But it was a good ten minute bike ride away. This new house? ONE BLOCK. Awesomeeeee. I learned that shipments came on Wednesdays, and that was the day I looked forward to most aside from Friday. And Saturday, I guess that was the day I looked third most to. 

Point being, I saw Iron Man 2. Man, I would flip if I saw that stuff when I was a kid. Kids have the most advanced video games and movies, and while it makes me feel old, it also makes me feel young again. I got to visually experience things I had only seen on paper previously.

I've got a Peter Pan complex. I'm well aware of this. I'm also terrified of failure. But man, sometimes you gotta stop thinking so much and live in the moment. Moments like that make me feel like a kid again. It's great.

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